How to throw a lingerie shower

As the name implies, a lingerie shower is a shower where everyone in attendance brings gifts of lingerie for the person for whom the shower is in honor. Most often, they’re thrown for the bride-to-be, but this isn’t the only time a lingerie shower can take place. Any special occasion for a girlfriend is a great time for a lingerie shower. They’re so much fun because if you know your friend likes lingerie, there is no gift she’ll get that she’ll wish she hadn’t. Each gift will spark conversation and maybe even a little bit of off-color girl talk to add to the shower’s enjoyment.


Whether you’re throwing the party for the bride-to-be or for any other occasion, you’ll want to be sure you send the invitations out in plenty of time for the guests to mark that day off on their calendars and to ensure they’ll have plenty of time to go shopping for the best gift they can afford or give ample time for delivery if they’re going to order online. You should include the sizes for the recipient in the invitation, and indicate whether she’s a small, medium or large in case they come labeled as such. Be sure to include the attire for guests attending, whether it’s casual or semi-formal. Also, make the RSVP at least a week before the party, so you’ll be able to plan for how many will be coming when deciding on the quantity of food, drinks and party favors to have on hand.

Gifts for the Guests

It’s always nice to have something for the guests to remember the occasion. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but just a gesture to thank them for coming. A wine glass is a very nice gift. You can even serve wine, and let the guests know that they’re going to be keeping the glass. You may want to set them on your buffet table with a pretty bow tied around them or a pretty silk flower inside each of the glasses. Inexpensive, small, ceramic picture frames are another idea.


As mentioned above, you may want to serve wine or even wine coolers, but you can also serve champagne or a spiked, fruity punch. You should also have plenty of soft drinks and small bottled waters or seltzer waters available for those who wish not to have alcoholic beverages. Unless you’re planning on having a bartender, it’s probably best to stay away from mixed drinks, and opt for beverages that are already prepared and ready to serve. You don’t want to miss the party because you’re busy preparing either food or drinks.

And, speaking of food, finger foods are the easiest things to prepare ahead of time. You might have to pop some of them into the oven to heat them right before the guests arrive, but everything will be on your buffet table by the time they’re ringing the doorbell. Shrimp platters are some of the most popular, and they can easily be bought ready to serve. Making cocktail sauces with varying degrees of horseradish and hot sauce are nice to offer because some like it hot and others don’t. Finger foods are great for this sort of party – and luckily, there are a ton of recipes that you can try.

Party Games and Music

There’s nothing worse than a party that drags. You’ll want to keep your guests entertained throughout the time they’re there. A playlist of music you’ve taken time to prepare can be a nice background to set the atmosphere. Party games are a great idea to engender conversation among guests and make everyone feel comfortable. If it happens to be for a bride-to-be, The Bridal Shower Quiz is a fun and easy game to play. The Bridal Shower Feud, based on the popular Family Feud, is another favorite. For any other occasions to liven up your lingerie shower, think of what you’ve played at parties in the past that don’t take time to set up but where everyone was laughing and having a great time.

Half the fun is in planning the party as long as you give yourself ample time to do it right and don’t fret about too many details. These tips will help you make your lingerie shower planning as stress-free for you as it will be fun and exciting for the honoree and your guests.

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