How to Use Rosehip Oil

Say hello to your skincare guardian angel!

Rosehip oil has been deemed by dermatologists and chemists as an incredible natural remedy for remarkable skin!

For a long time, many experts considered coconut oil to be the queen of the beauty world, and while there is still a place for coconut oil, it is quickly becoming dethroned by rosehip oil!

From royalty to Hollywood celebs, it seems that anyone with great skin in the public eye can attribute it to using rosehip oil in their skincare routine. And if it’s good enough for the Queen of England, it is certainly good enough for you too!

That’s why we are going to share with you everything you need to know about rosehip oil—from what it is to how to use it!

What is rosehip oil?

Rosehip oil literally comes from seed oil that has been pressed using ancient techniques. It is rightly named, as the seeds come from a small fruit that is found underneath a rose. For years people have used rosehip oi for its multiple skin benefits that include keeping the skin hydrated and preventing the skin from aging.

What are the benefits?

Leading the way as one of the best benefits is the fact that rosehip oil is an extremely accomplished moisturizer. This is because the oil is full of the likes of fatty acids that include the omegas—allowing the skin to stay hydrated and soft. It is especially helpful for those that suffer from skin blemishes or breakouts, as the acid nature of the oil zaps away the acne. But on top of that, rosehip oil helps the skin heal, increases collagen production, and evens the complexion.

How to use rosehip oil?

Rosehip oil is one of those ointments that can be applied directly to the skin. It is always advisable to do a patch test first to ensure that there won’t be any side-effects. The oil itself can be purchased directly as-is and comes in dark glass bottles that prevent UV rays from diminishing any of its potential benefits. Most skincare professionals recommend applying rosehip oil to the skin at least twice per day—both in the morning and evening. All you need is a few drops—two to three at max—to have enough to apply over your skin. Many people mix in the rosehip oil with their moisturizer, and often rosehip oil can already be found in many moisturizers! The trick is to find the application method that best ensures your skin can absorb the full benefits of the rosehip oil. If in doubt or you have any questions, get in touch with your dermatologist as they will be able to help you find the best way to incorporate it into your skincare routine.

Many people also use rosehip oil to help heal any scars or skin pigmentation they may have on their body, as rosehip oil has an amazing ability to reduce the appearance of these unwanted skin blemishes. So rosehip oil doesn’t need to just be applied to the face during your skincare routine—you can use it on other parts of your body too to help your skin heal. You will certainly be wowed by the results! In fact, it is one of the favorite remedies women use to help heal stretch marks during pregnancy!

Rosehip oil is a phenomenal skincare product that has been proven to produce great results for your skin. It is easy enough to integrate into your skincare routine and a little bit of oil can go a really long way!

By using rosehip oil, you will get to enjoy smooth, hydrated, and rejuvenated skin!

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