Instagram Stories Strategies: What You Should Share On Your IG Stories

The popularity of Instagram goes beyond the picture-loving youth, and was something that wasn’t anticipated by many people. However, this social media platform has become the go-to place to promote your blog, business, and products. This has even led businesses to  buy 1000 Instagram followers to improve their brand’s awareness.

You can also get more followers on Instagram by sharing stories on your IG to better connect with your customers. Through Instagram stories, you can share pictures and videos to your followers, and it usually remains visible for 24 hours. But what’s the best engaging content to share on your IG stories? Here are five useful tricks to make your content more engaging and get more followers.

1. Ask Questions

If you want to strike a conversation with your followers, think of creative questions to ask them. You can ask anything since the goal is to increase your engagement rate. By doing this, you’ll be able to create a bond with your audience.

You can also take polls on your IG stories and offer your followers two or three choices, and request them for their opinions. With feedback from your audience, you’ll know what to do to increase your user engagement and the appeal of whatever product you’re marketing.

2. Share Inspirational Quotes

The audience on Instagram is open to personal growth. You can help them achieve this by posting inspirational quotes or pictures on your IG stories. This can either be a quote by a famous personality or something that resonates with your followers. Quotes have a very strong user engagement, and you should add them together with Instagram hashtags such as #quotes o #quote. Need help? Ingramer is popular for growing Instagram stories.

3. Share Memes 

You should also look to entertain your audience on Instagram, and sharing memes is an excellent way to achieve this. These light-hearted and fund memes will light up the moods of your followers. This makes the followers more eager to check the posts you share on your IG stories in the future.

You can also think of memes that relate to your product or business to increase your user engagement.

4. Remind Your Followers About Your Blog

Instagram stories are a great platform to share with your audience about your blog. By doing this, you’ll be reminding your followers about your blog. You should also include the words “link in profile” for your followers to check out your profile and get a link to your blog.

It’s essential to update the profile link to direct your audience to your newest post or the blog’s main page. This makes it easier for your followers to locate the article they’re looking to read.

5. Share Videos

Videos are highly engaging hence viewed and shared a lot on Instagram. Therefore, you also need to share them on your IG stories in addition to images. These videos to share on your IG stories should be 15 seconds long, with this just enough time to inform your audience of the products or services your company offers. You can also share videos you’ve stumbled upon on the internet.

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