Jewelry Ideas That Speak Your Style

The best way to elevate your outfit is with jewelry. It is the finest way to look super fashionable in a minimalistic way. Unique and chic jewelry pieces will make you stand out from the rest. Even if you wear a casual outfit, adding jewelry will enhance that look and make it good enough to wear for a social event. But how do you choose which jewelry goes with what? You surely don’t want to wear something that does not compliment your look or overpowers your outfit. You should find a balance in your jewelry style that can work with your everyday looks and other formal outfits.

It can be tough to know how to style your looks well. You should take considerate care in understanding how many different jewelry pieces you should add to each outfit. If you are a beginner with jewelry and need some help, this article is for you. Below we talk about five jewelry ideas that speak your style.

1. Create Your Signature Jewelry Piece

Everyone has a signature jewelry piece they go by, and if you don’t, it is time to have one. You can choose any type, element, or style of jewelry that you prefer. You can decide if you want to make a statement style with a necklace, earrings, bracelet, etc. If you consider making necklaces your signature piece, then explore different types of trending necklaces. You can opt for a dainty choker necklace or an elegant pendant necklace. If you choose rings as your signature, then remember to add variety and color. You can even wear a bunch of different rings together or wear thin rings on one finger. You can also wear rings with gemstones to add sparkle.

It is important to remember where you want people to look first when deciding on your signature jewelry piece. It is essential if you are wearing something eye-catching. Think of what you want your focal point to be and ensure that other accessorizes do not overpower your signature piece.

2. Don’t Copy Others

While it is good to take inspiration from others around you, try not to follow others. Jewelry and fashion sense is all about what complements you. Just because something looks good on one person does not mean it will suit you as well. Many people around us become obsessed with following celebrities and their trends. While it is okay to follow and feel inspired by them, ensure you enhance those trends in your way. If you only copy as it is, you will slowly lose a sense of your style and taste. You should always wear something that complements your personality. Your jewelry should showcase your personality and make you feel empowered. You can evolve the trends and incorporate them into your style that make you feel and look good.

3. Earrings are Always a Good Idea

Earrings go well with almost anything. Since there are plenty of earrings you can choose from, they work well with any occasion and outfit. You can choose simple everyday studs with casual outfits or wear bold statement hoops/drop earrings if you are going for a fancy event. Earrings are also necessary since they are the most prominent to anyone during a conversation. Just like any jewelry, you should choose earrings that complement your features. You must also consider wearing long and colorful earrings if you have long hair to ensure visibility. However, one thing you should take care of is remembering to switch up your earrings. Most of us forget to change our earrings, specially if it is a pair of everyday studs. But changing your earrings allows you to bring uniqueness to your style. It will add variety and sparkle to your outfits.

4. Be Bold

One of the things you should always do with your jewelry is to experiment. Try out different jewelry pieces with several pieces of clothing and see what works best. You can mix it up with various combinations of jewelry and clothing you may not have paired otherwise. You can even try out handmade jewelry. It is always fun to experiment. You can look ridiculous, or you can discover a chic and fashionable look, which you could have never imagined. It is essential to be yourself. Wear something that you like, even if it isn’t trendy or cool. As long as you feel comfortable and stylish in it, no one else should matter. You are not obligated to follow trends, celebrities, or anyone else. If you like what you are wearing and it is working for you, nothing else matters. Be bold, own your look, and you do you!

5. Incorporate Sentimental Jewelry Fashionably

We all have some sentimental jewelry pieces. Be it a gift from a loved one or an item passed down from different generations.  No matter what the sentiment of the jewelry, it is something that we wear almost always. But sometimes, the pieces may not fit well with each outfit. To tackle this issue, you can layer other pieces of jewelry along with sentimental ones. It will bring out the sparkle and enhance your outfit game without removing that specific piece. If the jewelry is a necklace, you can get an adjustable chain and use it as needed. If it is a ring or bracelet, they can work with almost anything. However, if the jewelry does not match, you can hide it inside your clothing to prevent visibility.

Here’s a tip. Bold layers and multiple jewelry pairings are fun, but you should not go overboard with them. If you are wearing a statement necklace or princess cut diamond stud earrings, you do not need to pair anything else with it. Many of us start admiring jewelry so much that we often forget less is more. Apart from styling, you must remember to clean and store your earrings safely. You do not want your favorite earrings to be all rusty or broken the next time you wear them. Nonetheless, whether you wear something old-fashioned, chic, or trendy, remember to feel confident in it. Confidence will help in elevating your whole look.

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