Know Everything About Gabapentin: The High, Side Effects and Fatal Misuse!

Gabapentin has really been the most in-demand drug in the nation for the last few years. But, before consuming the same, you should know about it all. That is why, in this blog, we want to feature everything necessary about Gabapentin: The High, side effects, and fatal misuse.

Gabapentin High:

There has been a tremendous crisis of available opioids in the country. And since 2017 and 2018, there has been a sharp increase for the non-prescribed Gabapentin. This non-prescribed is often termed or coined as Gabapentin high.

As per current scientific and general survey and stats, about 11 states of 50 in the USA are misusing this drug. Currently, this drug is sold most of the brand name of Neurontin. And when this brand is mixed with other opioids, it can lead to a serious case of Gabapentin high.

That is quite fatal and dangerous for the patient. Therefore, you need to pay attention to all details regarding Gabapentin: the high, side effects, and fatal misuse.

Its misuse:

Back in 1993, the FDA approved this drug for patients going through seizures and shingles pain. As the times move ahead, it is used even for those suffering from migraines, anxiety, chronic pain in the body, and even bipolar episodes.

This is off-label prescription use. It could make every patient unstable and hooked onto the drug unnecessarily.

Now, the subtle dose of Gabapentin is often mixed with other opioids. That is the core reason for it to be fatal when given to patients who have migraines and such diseases.

When getting mixed with other elements or components, the drug can cause serious implications on the patient’s mental and physical health.

Side effects of Gabapentin:

There are no severe side-effects when you take slow doses of this drug. But it should also not be mixed with components. It should be seriously and sincerely recommended by the doctor you see as a patient of seizures or shingles pain.

This drug can often work as an antidepressant medicine. They are also termed CNS depressants.

However, if these doses are combined with other CNS depressants like tranquilizers or even sedatives, the patient’s life can be jeopardized.

The other common side effects recorded over the areas of this drug are:

  • Fatigue
  • Drowsiness
  • Muscle tremor
  • Dizziness

Also, patients are strongly advised to prohibit and restrain themselves from intaking this drug with alcohol. Otherwise, they can feel heavily sedated. Then, they can also go through severe drowsiness.

Other fatal misuses of this drug:

Research has shown that people prone to mental illness have tried suicide more when they have been continuously taking this drug. There are already multiple laws suits running against Neurontin, which even led to a minister committing suicide.

There have also been reports and police complaints of peddlers selling illegal Gabapentin on different states and cities’ streets. These medicines are illegal and not even approved by the FDA.

So, government and medical fraternity always advise patients to be cautious about buying or consuming this drug. It’s always referred to consult your doctor and take their prescription to this medicine’s legal pharmacy.

By doing this, you sincerely protect yourself from indulging in fatal misuses of this drug altogether.

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