Learning About the Benefits of Facial Serums

Everyone’s skincare routine is unique, and since no two skin types are identical, they may use various products and at different times throughout the day. Your skincare routine likely includes a daily cleanser and a moisturizer — perhaps a toner and an SPF cream, but does it include a serum?

Serums aren’t often talked about as often as other aspects of skincare products. However, in recent years, facial serums have become a key part of men’s and women’s skincare routines for the range of benefits they offer.

With so many products on the market— including SkinCeuticals Toronto products with specialty ingredients — it can be challenging to know which serums will work for your skin and why you should even add it to your routine to begin with.

Let’s take a closer look at facial serums and why they’re a valuable part of your skincare routine.

What is a Face Serum?

Face serums are a vital part of a complete skincare routine. They are a specific skincare product designed to deliver compact concentrations of specific ingredients to your skin. In most cases, they’re gel-based or liquid formulas and aren’t as thick as a moisturizer.

What are the Benefits of Face Serums?

A serum is often able to hydrate the skin in a more condensed way as opposed to simply using a cream or lotion-based moisturizer. The molecules inside the serum are able to get deeper into the skin for maximum hydration and can boost the overall hydrating effects of your daily moisturizer.

Serums are beneficial for those with sensitive and acne-prone skin since their lighter formulas can soothe the skin and allow for deeper moisture — which can help prevent overly dry skin and excess oils on the face.

Serums with ingredients including vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea, and astaxanthin can help prevent future damage to the skin by participating in blocking UV light and air pollution.

When you’re looking for more immediate results with your skin, a serum is one of the best investments to add to your routine. Its highly concentrated ingredients can access the deeper layers and treat your skin conditions faster than moisturizers alone.

What are the Types of Serums?

There are several types of face serums on the market today. No two skin conditions are exactly alike, but there are common face serums available to help you find clearer, more hydrated skin.

Anti-ageing serums are one of the most common products available on the market and encourage collagen production and skin renewal. Skin brightening serums often include several antioxidants and ingredients that fight pigmentation. Hydrating serums will likely contain hyaluronic acid, which is a molecule that joins water molecules to the skin to help repair moisture in the face.

How to Use a Face Serum?

Your serum should serve as the main event in your daily routine. It’s recommended that you use a face serum after your cleanser but before any moisturizers and SPFs.

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