Making Money Online From Your Love For Beauty

People working in the beauty industry typically earn around $3,000 more than the national average salary, according to Zip Recruiter. Women currently spend an average of $313 per month on beauty items, such as cosmetics, hair treatments, and facials. This expenditure shows that people are willing to invest a lot of cash in beauty products and services. So, why not cash in on this and make some money online out of your love for beauty?

Online tutorials

65% of people say they constantly change the beauty products they use in a bid to improve their skin. This means they’re wasting a lot of money and time. Creating online tutorials that show women how to get beautiful, clear skin, how to achieve flawless makeup, and how to perfectly paint their own nails is a good way to make money. One money-making option is to include affiliate links to the products you use in your tutorials. When your viewers make a purchase via these links you’ll earn a percentage of their total spend. Glassdoor reports that the average affiliate marketer earns around $66,000 per year.

Become an online beauty coach

59% of people aren’t comfortable in their own skin. As an online beauty coach, you’ll work with people via Zoom and similar video technology to get them looking and feeling their best. You’ll be able to use all your knowledge and skills to achieve this. You can earn money from providing this service, but you’ll need to advertise your business to draw in customers. Pay-per-click advertisements are one way to do this. These ads work well as they are only shown when people search for keywords that are connected to your business. You’ll only pay when someone clicks through to your site which makes it easy, affordable, and measurable to do pay-per-click management.

Launch yourself as an influencer

Big beauty influencers make hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Huda Kattan is currently the biggest beauty influencer and makes an estimated $165,000 per post. You won’t earn anywhere near this amount when you’re starting out, but the future earning potential is high. This job involves teaming up with beauty brands that will give you access to products and services to test. You’ll create and upload content based on their requirements and will be paid as agreed for it. The higher your following, the more you’ll be paid and the more opportunities you’ll be handed.

Resell your beauty products

Research has found that women only use 10% of the beauty products that they buy. This results in them ditching more than 5,8000 beauty products over the course of their lifetimes. Reselling beauty products that are cluttering up your dressing table is a good way to free up space and make some cash. You can even sell beauty products that have been used. Poshmark, Glambot, eBay, and MUABS are just a few websites where you can sell your unwanted items.
As a beauty lover, it makes sense to cash in on your hobby. There are plenty of jobs that will make you anything from a bit of pocket money to a sizable income.

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