Most Popular Career Paths in Public Administration

The market is full of cut-throat competition these days. Every fresh student looking for the perfect degree or a new graduate out of university is interested in knowing the scope of their degree. This notion is not confined to specific degree types; instead, the concern is there about every profession. Whether you are a marketing graduate or a public administration expert, you should know where your degree stands. Another related question is what new job opening and related careers you have is the market. Answers to these questions keep you focused and give confidence about the importance of your degree. 

Once you have a degree in public administration, you are equipped with all the skills to work in multiple sectors. You get various opportunities in the public and private sectors to bring betterment to the life of communities. The outlook for this profession is also getting better. The better stats and job outlook for public policy graduates make this degree highly popular among fresh undergraduates. As a result, the career path is experiencing an increased number of enrollments in master in public administration degree.

We all know that due to COVID-19, the education system is facing severe problems. As a result, online learning programs are gaining popularity. More and more people from remote areas are getting the benefit of online learning programs from the universities. The field of public administration is also witnessing the same boom. Even when students cannot participate in physical classes, enrollment in MPA online degree has presented an excellent alternative.

But before you enroll yourself into an MPA program, make sure to know the potential career options you get upon completion. Below are some of the most popular career paths in public administration. Rest assured that you will get a lot of options to choose from with your degree.

1. Budget Analyst

Their job is to find efficiently distribute funds and resources from different government departments and programs. They distribute the budget efficiently and monitor the performance and efficiency of a governmental program. Budget Analysts also take part in drafting legislation for making the budget for public goods and amenities.

Though they have a public administration degree, they can also work in the private sector to make budget reports, manage finances, and monitor organizations’ expenses. According to BLS, in 2019, there were 55,400 jobs of Budget Analysts. Their job outlook shows an increase of 3% between 2019-29. The budget analyst can make $73,840 on average per year.

2. Tax Examiners and Collectors

Their job duties include making sure that governments at all levels get all the taxes from the public and corporate bodies. They determine the total amount of tax payable by various entities on behalf of governments.

Additionally, they also review tax returns, identify tax defaulters, and tax payment crossing due dates. They also make reports to estimate penalties. Most of them work inside the offices; others also opt for field jobs to check taxpayers’ homes and workplaces. They can make $54,890 per year.

3. Management Analyst

Another field after doing a Master in Public administration is the job of a Management Analyst. In the field, they are also famous as management consultants. As the title implies, they suggest ways for the business to improve the efficiency of its operations. Their job duties include making policies and plans for the organization to maximize cost while minimizing expenses.

To apply for the job management consultant, ensure that you have the right mix of skills. You should have analytical communication, interpersonal and problem-solving skills as the essential skills. The industry outlook for this job is also positive and stands at 11% for the period between 2019-29. On average, they make $81,330 per year.

4. Operations Research Specialist

They are typically related to problem-solving jobs. Operations Research Specialists‘ jobs are for data and statistic enthusiasts. They get to work with numbers and drive meaningful information from them. A company can use that information in forecasting. Thus, they can make their business efficient and adapt to future changes.

This job is under immense limelight with the increased demand and importance of meaningful data to business growth and success. According to BLS, the average yearly pay of this job is $79,200/year. The projected growth rate through 2024 is 30% which is immense for a profession.


The field of public admiration is getting increased popularly among the new undergraduate students. Besides, with universities offering online programs, more students can take part in this occupation.

These programs lace their graduates with skills to solve public policy problems by ensuring better planning and implementation. The courses allow you to be prepared to take positions like a business and financial analyst, project manager, policy analyst, etc. This article also lists some of the most promising jobs for an MPA graduate stating their annual salary and job outlook.

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