Partial Dental Implants: An Affordable and Effective Solution

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There are many circumstances that can lead to a person needing only a few teeth replaced instead of a full set of dentures, for instance an injury or disease. Missing a few teeth is a larger problem than most would think. Gaps in one’s smile can negatively affect a person’s self-esteem, but more importantly gaps can make everyday actions such as chewing a challenge and can even lead to certain oral health issues. In cases such as these, partial dental implants are more often than not the ideal solution.

What Are They?

Removable partial dentures and dental implants are far more common and recognizable terms than partial dental implants, which is a newer type of treatment. Removable partial dentures are a less invasive treatment compared to dental implants and are a removable appliance that can be used to replace multiple teeth. Dental implants are only available to those with generally good oral health and are surgically implanted pieces of metal meant to replicate a tooth’s natural root. Partial dental implants take advantage of both of these types of treatment by using dental implants to retain and stabilize a removable partial denture. With this method of treatment, one is able to enjoy the benefits of both implants and removable partial dentures.

The Pros

  • Affordability

A common issue that many struggle with when deciding on the type of tooth replacement they should get is cost. Partial dental implants are less costly than a number of other dental alternatives, for instance replacing each missing tooth with an implant, and one should be aware that their lower price does not mean that they are an inferior option. The cost of them depends on the type of implant, the materials used in the implant, and the number of implants.

  • Partial Dental Implants Are a Quick Fix

Partial dental implants are a relatively fast and easy answer to what would otherwise be a more serious issue. The procedure of placing the dental implants that will be used to support the removable partial denture is a simple one that requires a recovery time of less than a day. It only takes around six weeks for the necessary implants to be ready to be attached to a removable partial denture. Throughout the entire process, the patient will not have to worry about being without teeth, even when they are healing.

  • Looks

One of the main reasons people seek dental implants or dentures is because it will improve their appearance. Missing teeth, or even a missing tooth, can have a huge impact on one’s appearance. Those who struggle with self-confidence might find it difficult to smile with a gap in their mouth, and partial dental implants can fix that. They do not require an extremely invasive operation, but provide extremely natural looking results.

  • Improved Daily Functions and Health Benefits

Having the right number of teeth and having them all in their proper places is essential to being able to carry out certain daily functions as well as to one’s oral health. Partial dental implants can improve chewing efficiency, which in turn can improve the quality of one’s daily living and productivity. Missing teeth can also negatively impact one’s ability to talk, and so being able to find a quality treatment that can replace one’s teeth is very important. However, one of the main reasons that it is essential to replace missing teeth as soon as possible is because missing teeth is not good for one’s oral health. If missing teeth are not replaced in a timely manner, the surrounding teeth will move, and this can damage both the teeth and gums. Furthermore, it leaves spaces where bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease can be trapped. Having missing teeth for an extended period of time can lead to jaw shrinkage and collapse, which is avoidable with the help of treatments such as partial dental implants.

  • Additional Benefits

There are more benefits to partial dental implants beyond them being cost effective and an efficient solution to missing teeth. For instance, whereas removable partial dentures rely on one’s natural teeth for stability, which can be damaging in certain cases, partial dental implants rely on dental implants for stability and thus place less of a burden on one’s own teeth. This also means that there is no need for the metal clasps that are often used with traditional bridges which have the potential to be damaging to not only teeth but also gums. Also, the removable partial denture component of the partial dental implant can be taken out cleaned with ease, which is of utmost importance. It is understandable that for many there is the concern that the dental prosthetic will fall out or become loose after the treatment, but such an incident will not occur with partial dental implants. The addition of even one dental implant can have a huge positive impact on the results, which would be less impressive if only a removable partial denture or only implants were used.

Partial Dental Implant Maintenance

In order to maximize the lifespan and ensure the continuous quality of one’s partial dental implant, it is important to take care of it. This involves keeping it free of bacterial plaque by brushing and flossing regularly. When not being worn, the removable partial denture should be stored in an area where it will be safe from breakage. When placing the removable partial denture, one should take care to use one’s fingers to seat it rather than biting it because biting it can damage it.

Oral Care with Partial Dental Implants

Due to the fact removable partial dentures are a component of partial dental implants, there are certain facts one should be aware of when it comes to taking care of one’s mouth. This includes the nightly removal of the removable partial denture in order to ensure that there is good blood and air circulation to the gums. As long as one remembers to care for both their teeth and their removable partial dentures, both will work together to create a long-lasting smile.

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