Questions to Ask Before You Buy That Engagement Ring

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Bewildered by the many options for engagement rings out there? Choosing the right one is a big deal, indeed! Not only is this a pricey investment, but it is also a symbol of your love and bond. So, you need to guarantee that you make the right choice.

Buying an engagement ring is a lucrative experience that we don’t deal with every day. So, before you pop the big question to your lover, here are a set of a few crucial ones that you need to ask yourself and your jeweler. Asking these questions will ensure you find the right engagement ring that is worth your emotions and money.

So, here we go!

Top 7 questions to ask before shopping for an engagement ring

1. What Design Do I Want?

In the ocean of engagement rings, it’s easy to get lost and not be able to decide which is the ideal ring design. The best way to deal with such a situation is to ask yourself: what design do I want, or what are the design preferences of my partner? So, before your frustration heightens, here are a few considerations you need to know about engagement rings:

  • Cut of the Diamond: Round, Cushion, Oval, Princess, or Pear Shape
  • Metal of The Ring: Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum, or Silver
  • Ring Settings: Halo, Bezel, Pave, Cathedral, etc.
  • Ring Style: Solitaire, Halo, 3-Stone, With Accents

Navigate through your options thoroughly, and hopefully, you will find your ideal engagement ring design.

2. What Is My Budget?

This is one of the most important questions you will have to ask yourself when it comes to buying an engagement ring. Before you even start thinking about the ring specifics, like carat sizes, shapes, and metal, you will need to decide your budget first.

It’s a good idea to have a budget range for you to work within. Be honest with yourself, and don’t just get carried away with the highly-priced options out there. Remember, an engagement ring should be a happy investment and not a burden for years to come.

Also, when you have a budget set, it’s easier to make a choice. This is because you can immediately rule out many rings that don’t fall under your budget.

3. What is Her Ring Size?

While you can get away without knowing, it definitely makes the buying process easier if you do know her ring size in advance. If she comes ring shopping with you, this will be easy to find out.

However, if you’re planning on surprising her, you could try asking her friends and family. Another method that we may have seen once or twice (or all the time) is to secretly borrow one of her rings that you’ve seen her wear on her ring finger and get it sized by a jeweler.

4. What Are The 4 C’s?

If you’ve decided to go for a diamond engagement ring, you should ask your jewelry to give you the details of each of the four C’s – color, clarity, cut, and carat. Fathoming these aspects of a ring will help you make a faster and wise decision, that too under your budget. These standards are universally recognized and are used to assess a diamond’s quality.

5. Does The Stone Have A Grading Report/Certification?

While 4Cs will help you find the best quality gemstone, you still need to have a grading report or GIA certification. Some diamonds have a grading report, which is an evaluation by a gemologist that gives rankings of the four Cs, including some other measurements. Ask your jeweler to provide you with an original certificate (and not a copy), as the original will highlight any marks on the gemstone.

6. What Cleaning And Maintenance Are Required For The Ring?

Although engagement rings are built to withstand daily wear, they are by no means invincible. As such, they need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to stay as beautiful and spotless as the day you bought them.

While there are many DIY ring cleaning resources available, you should ask your jeweler if there are any specific instructions for the ring you’ve chosen. If you think the ring might need extra attention and investment for regular upkeep, you can always look out for other options.

7. Can The Ring Be Modified?

It’s true that an engagement is to be cherished forever as it symbolizes your bond officially. However, there may be instances in the future where you might need to modify your engagement ring. It may happen that your spouse may like to upgrade the diamond on the ring, or you may want to add some sparkle to the band – you never know what the future holds.

So, it’s advisable to ask your jeweler in advance if the ring you have chosen can be modified in the future if required.

The Takeaway

Since buying an engagement ring is a big decision, it shouldn’t come lightly. Give yourself plenty of time to research, brainstorm, and explore your options before you make the final decision.  Hope these questions would help you find the right engagement ring that matches all your requirements.

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