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BE WHAT YOU DREAM! Color contact lenses have become an indispensable beauty item for everyday makeup. It’s a beautiful world where you can change your eye color according to your taste!

The Rose Swan Collection is our THE BEST SELLER with the highest reputation in LENSTOWNUS.

To improve your makeup skills, why don’t you use Rose Swan color contact lenses?  They are comfortable and don’t look too excessive.

When choosing the color of the color contact, there are factors that follow various TPOs such as the color of the original pupil and skin tone, so various styles are considered.

The Roseswan collection is naturally fits in any seasons and any occasions. Because It’s just not too big and not too small!

Color contact lenses are one of the funniest and easiest ways to improve your personal makeup style. What is your preferred color for the Roseswan collection? Let’s find it out!

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Brown lenses that are most naturally in the spotlight for daily use by adding a soft impression to Asian makeup look. It adds depth to the eyes as we can often be chosen in everyday situations, such as work or school. If your eyes are large, bright colors such as light brown or beige can add mysterious beauty to your eyes. Small-eyed people stand out when choosing a relatively dark brown color, such as chocolate, to make their eyes look softer and more attractive.


The most belove gray contact lenses of all the colors that stand out. Gray lens, the best pick of celebrities, is a perfect color for special events or parties because it makes them with sophisticated eyes. The gray calm silver pearl gives your eyes an elegant and luxurious mood.


Fascinating violet color lenses. It has recently been loved for its bold and colorful point makeup. If you like color lenses by giving points to makeup or styles that have an attractive and unique feel, it is a product with a lot of mania.

Violet colored contact lenses give unique and mysterious mood in your eyes.


A green contact lenses that give a refreshing and lively impression. Green lenses create a fresh atmosphere in our eyes with colors that become deeper when worn in real life. In addition to various makeup, it helps create a classic atmosphere, and you can choose when you want to express foreign eyes that are not burdensome.

Lenstownus contacts have a variety of colors and designs with convenience and cost-effectiveness. We often offers bargain as well includes prescription and cosplay contacts lenses.

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