Social Media Marketing Trends 2021 | Latest tips for beginners


The virus is a catalyst: it accelerates problems, ideas and initiatives that were simmering but might not have become an issue so quickly without the crisis. We will try to explain which digital trends will play an important role in the coming year, especially for local retailers and local service providers in the USA and EU.

Social commerce: still on the rise

Last year we already treated social commerce as a hot topic for small and medium-sized companies. This trend has been confirmed and continues to gain momentum. According to current studies, almost a third of consumers on the internet have already bought something via a social media channel. The pandemic has accelerated this development once again: During the Corona crisis, one in ten became a social shopper. Reason enough for small and medium-sized companies to check the potential for their own business.

Omnichannel marketing: choosing the right channels

In 2021 it will be important that small companies continue to think “omnichannel”: Products and services must be offered and communicated on all channels – stationary, online and mobile. Anyone who believes that all marketing activities can only be carried out through one channel will only achieve part of their goals. You have to focus on more channels – you can start promoting and getting followers on TikTok but at the same time, don’t forget Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Especially nowadays, depending on the industry, a well-maintained social media channel with appointment booking or an additional, user-friendly function on the website such as Click and Collect can possibly secure the existence of the local retailer – whether a beauty salon, a bookseller or a restaurant. Every company should review its communication channels and choose the right omnichannel marketing path for it in order to reach its target group precisely.

Conversational websites: in dialogue with customers

Your own website is the calling card of every company. In 2021, it will become increasingly conversational: It ideally reflects the needs of users, for example by offering appointment bookings, chat and video functions or a click-to-collect function in preparation for eCommerce. Latest studies during the lockdown show that users are looking for such functions on the website – and the decisive result: They are locally loyal and want to find what they are looking for in the area. The pandemic has accelerated that demand. Therefore, in 2021 it will be high time for all local entrepreneurs to identify the needs of their customers and to integrate corresponding interactive functions on their website.

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