The Best at Home Hair Coloring Products

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Doing your hair at home is a risky game to play if you are not a licensed professional. Yet, many people still choose to attempt to DIY their hair color. If you absolutely can not be convinced that it is a bad idea, there are a few at-home coloring sets that will at least make the chances that you are about to ruin your hair a tiny bit smaller.


This list of hair coloring products that can be purchase by non-professionals is seriously a list of the best of the worst options you could choose…

  • Arctic Fox Bleach, Please Complete Hair Lightening Kit

This lightning set from Arctic Fox can be used to lighten your hair if you are wanting to go blonde or if you are wanting to apply a fashion color. If you do not know what you are doing it will be easy to completely burn your hair off at the root with this kit. If you are not a professional do not expect professional results and if you are a professional you know better than to put this on your head.

  • Rusk Deepshine Direct Ready-to-Use Cream Color

This box dye is at least made by a reputable dye company and they offer great vivid shade if you like vibrant fashion colors. This product is actually good and would be great for at-home use after having your hair lightened by a professional. Direct Dye is basically just conditioner with color so you can not really damage your hair with this. You may not like the color you get but you are not going to cause any structural damage to your hair.

  • John Frieda Precision Foam Colour

This color comes with its own developer and can only be used to darken your hair. If you choose a color that is lighter than what you have you will just damage your hair for no reason. The Developer is only 20 volume and if you were a professional you would know that means it will give you know lift.

What To Do After You Ruin Your Hair And You Are Crying

Okay if you went ahead and used one of these products after you were warned not to and you are now setting in the bathroom crying. Wipe away your tears and go ahead and text your hairdresser and tell them what you did. There is a reason that you have to get a license to do hair, so please stop trying to DIY at home.

Make sure that you are always going to professionals that will color your hair with Kenra Color so that you know that you are getting quality color and will get excellent results. Kenra Color is loaded with nutrients that will leave you with shiny and gorgeous hair that you will love. They even have a line of amazing and vibrant fashion colors for you to choose from.

Only Shed Tears Of Happiness Over Your Hair

Okay, put your right hand up and pledge right now that you will never use a DIY home hair color kit again. You should not be shedding tears of sadness over your hair. Getting your hair colored should give you so much joy that you shed a few tears.

If you continue to only let professionals color your hair you will notice how much healthier and strong your hair will become. You are not saving any money when you use box dye, because when you have to fix it you end up paying an amount that is several times more expensive than it would have been to start. Trust the professionals they went to school for a reason.

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