The Top Must-Have Jewelry Trends In 2020

Jewelry is meant to be worn and adored, and although you may have some heirloom pieces passed down from long ago, trendy jewelry is something that always attracts the eye. Hot off the runway, new earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings help set the fashion tone for the season. Jewelers are excited to show off these gorgeous new trends that are turning heads and turning on the bling-bling.

Here are our favorite jewelry trends to jump on:

Loving Lovely Layers

The more, the merrier, right? That’s how to think in 2020, so let the layering begin!

You can make a subtle statement or a bold one depending on how you group your pieces. Also, personalized jewelry is a big deal now with initials, dates, etc. You can create a unique story within a stack of bracelets or rings, and when it comes to necklaces, each layer can elevate your style.

From a glam choker to a chainlink dazzler to a teardrop stunner, buying a fashion pendant online allows you stylish options for many beautiful combinations.

Mixing Your Metals

Another sizzling trend is changing up your metals. That old-fashioned rule of staying within one metal color family goes out the window. No, you don’t have to wear just yellow gold. Go bold; turn up the metal zone.

Think multidimensional by adding a stunning, chunky silver bracelet into an arm candy stack of gold bangles, for example. Then, put on a colored bracelet or two.

The goal is to make a far more interesting styling game.

Engaging: Round/Radiant/Oval

Of course, when it comes to your engagement ring, keep it as the central focus. The trend is for a timeless look featuring that single diamond solitaire design. The hot look of the moment is one of three, including the classic round, radiant or oval cut.

A round diamond is considered most brilliant because it is flawlessly symmetrical.

A radiant diamond has a rectangular cut and can appear larger than the rest.

An oval diamond also delivers the illusion of being much larger in stature.

Coveting Colored Gemstones

If you prefer that striking color gemstones exude, then this is your trend. Also, the rose cut is making its way around jewelry circles as the one to choose.

A rose-cut gem uniquely resembles a rosebud shape. This type of cut looks flat at the bottom, and in turn, creates a larger surface area for the stone’s brilliance to shine.

Trendy aquamarine and topaz look dynamite in a rose cut design.

Hailing Big Hoops

Modern fashion icon Jennifer Lopez always brings this signature style with her, and she never goes wrong. Big hoops were super hot in the 60s and 90s, and now, 2020 is seeing the rebirth of the hoop style earring.

Dress them up or dress them down, big hoops look super glamorous with a ballgown to ripped up jeans and a tee.

Best of all, big hoops flatter every face shape.

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