Things you should know about hair removal

When you think of hair removal, you think of different ways to remove the hair you do not want on your body. There are various ways to remove unwanted growth, but the problem is that some hair removal techniques are too painful and sometimes might not suit certain body types.

Various techniques are available, including waxing, laser, plucking, and many more. All of these have some positives and negatives which can depend on the skin type. In fact, some people can experience a lot of problems simply because of skin irritation. One way to avoid skin irritation is with zipple hair removal. It can provide you with pain-free removal of your unwanted hair and create the silky smooth skin you have always wanted.

But let’s consider some of the alternatives and then why Zipple is better.

Things You Should Know About Hair Removal:


Bleaching isn’t a way to remove your unwanted hair, yet it is a method for making hair considerably less noticeable. It cannot be considered a hair removal technique, but it is one of the ways your unwanted growth will not be visible. Usually, people don’t go for the bleaching process because, technically, they don’t remove the hair from the body.

In the process of bleaching, the chemical is applied to the region, left there for a while and then washed off. In that time the colour of the unwanted hair is removed, making it less noticeable. If you don’t want your unwanted growth to go away and only want them to be hidden away, then you can go for the bleaching.


Waxing is a very efficiency way for removing unwanted hair. However, it is an extremely painful process that might cause a lot of future problems. In this process, wax is heated up and spread over the skin. A cloth or strip is applied over the top, and then it is ripped off in one swift movement, pulling all the hair out, all at once. For that reason it is very painful and can remove the top layer of the skin causing potential irritation. Overtime, if the skin is not properly care for, you could experience in-grown hairs, and major skin irritation.

Zipple Hair Removal Machine:

A hair removal machine can be the best tool in your bathroom as it is small portal and easy to use. In this case we are talking about the Zipple IPL E-Flash. With the IPL technology it works simply by using intense pulse light, which is just as effective as laser but without the severity.
One of the other benefits it provides is it can give you permanent hair removal as the IPL not only removes the hair but can kill the hair folicle, preventing it from regrowing. Simple and easy to use, the at home IPL device is the most innovative hair removal solution on the market.


If you want to achieve flawless looking skin, then you need to go for the best solution. And, you should consider the painless one to ensure you have a good experience while removing that unwanted hair. So, bleaching will only disguise it, waxing is very painful and can cause in grown hairs, which essentially leaves Zipple hair removal IPL device. It’s painless, simple to use at home, and provides that permanent solution.

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