Tips on Choosing Designer Eyeglasses for Men and Women that You Can Find in NYC

New York is one of the world’s fashion capitals and a city where you can find absolutely everything you need. When it comes to clothes and fashion accessories, suffice it to say that all famous designers have stores in the Big Apple. The same thing is with brands that offer eyewear.

Glasses are a must-have detail for anyone who cares about their style. But apart from the aesthetic moment, they are necessary as a means of vision correction. Goggles should be of good quality and carefully selected because many people wear them every day. With designer models, you can never go wrong.

If you live in NYC, Chinatown Optical – designer eyeglasses NYC is one of the places to visit and find a designer pair of glasses for yourself or a loved one. If you are not in the mood to visit eyewear stores, you can enjoy the benefits of online shopping, but it is crucial to know where and how to buy designer glasses to avoid scams.

Find a Pair That Fits Your Face

There are many things to consider if you want to find a pair of goggles that suit you well. You should first, of course, consider your face shape. The wrong choice of frame will make even the most expensive glasses look weird on you. 

If your face is shaped like a diamond or triangle (prominent, narrow jawline and wide forehead), then you have three options to choose from: a rectangle and oval-shaped glasses are your choices. Ladies can even go with cat-eye-shaped goggles to add a touch of sex appeal to their appearance. 

People with heart-shaped faces should look for high-quality glasses of rounded shape, wider at the bottom. Frameless models will look good on them, too. Those with round faces should look for frames that fit near the bridge of their nose; any rectangular eyewear will do, as angles will make their heads look longer and thinner.

The square shape of the face should be ‘soften.’ Narrow frames with rounded edges will do that best. These designer glasses can add a little bit of height to these faces and make them look slimmer. For a more unusual look, these people can try walnut or almond-shaped frames. And finally, those lucky ones with oval faces have the most choices – almost any shape of goggles will suit them.

Match Colors

As designer eyewear usually costs a lot, you need them to fit your face and most of your outfits. People with dark eyes, including those with dark-green eyes, should purchase black frames or those with some bold patterns. Those with green, gray, or even light blue eyes should go for lighter shades.

Skin tone and hair color are factors you should also consider, but do not make them crucial. It is more about a fashion impression. Follow some simple guidelines, like matching warm tones with warm tones and not making huge contrast between your eye or hair nuance and frame color. If you are already planning to spend money on designer eyeglasses, neutral frame tones will surely suit you.

Tint Color

You should pay attention to the tint that is present on the frames. Some people prefer to buy tinted glasses as these shades provide a more dramatic effect. But the lens color also has a higher purpose, as it should filter the light to avoid eye strain. More on the real benefits of tint read here.

For example, grey-tinted lenses are the best choice for people spending time behind the wheel. They reduce brightness without changing the colors of the sight. Lenses in brown and amber nuances block glare and blue light. Gradient eyewear glass is darker at the top of the lens, and it fades downward. Their purpose is to block sunlight without blurring the view.

UV Protection

Do not be fooled by the look, design, or brand name on the frame. When buying sunglasses, the most important thing to look for is UV protection. It is safest to get goggles that provide 100% UV protection (UV 400 label).

The darkest glasses do not offer the highest level of sunray protection because the color of the lens has absolutely nothing to do with it. Look for UVA and UVB protection labels that every eyewear brand (especially the famous ones) should highlight on their products. Do not buy models that don’t provide details on UV protection or don’t have a declaration.

Material Choice

One of the most important tips on buying designer eyeglasses is that you need to be comfortable. These days, many designer eyeglasses are made from plastic and metal. It is not something that people always find convenient. But it all depends on the type of these materials. 

Plastic can be flexible depending on the additives in it. There are metal alloys lighter than any plastic. Some brands have models with frames that combine plastic and metal with wood. When choosing, ensure that there are no toxic chemicals in your goggles.

Also, if you cannot find the pair of goggles that suit you well, the look is irrelevant. Make sure that you try them on and test how they fit. Look for eyewear stores with a good return policy so that you can ship your order back and replace it with another model or get your money back.

Don’t Forget Your Personality 

Your personality should also be considered. Choose a frame that matches your nature and the image you show to people. If you are a shy person, you may want to avoid wearing metallic or bold frame patterns. Go with uniform or neutral colors and traditional frame shapes. But if you are an out-of-ordinary person who likes to express your personality, you may choose something that will stand out, just like you do.

See the page below to know which mistakes to avoid when trying eyeglasses on: 

Purchase designer eyewear only from reputable stores in NYC. Do not order from shady sites just because of their low prices that suit our budget. You do not have to overpay a pair of designer goggles, but keep in mind that branded models do not come cheap.

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