Warrior Braids for Women: A Guide to Style and Care

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Who here has not been following the resurgence in popularity of warrior braids so visible once again from the likes of Vikings and Game of Thrones TV series?

Braids have been around for centuries and evidence of this has been found on almost every major continent. They look awesome on any type of hair and add texture and shape to your hairstyle. Braids look great on long and short hair while also requiring almost zero care.

Braids are a great way to express your individual style and elegance. Braids can be done on any type of hair and add texture and shape to your hairstyle. They can be done on long or short hair and can be easily done on wet or dry hair. So whether you want to unleash your inner Dragon Queen warrior and try a new hairstyle or simply find out how best to care for your new braids – keep reading!

My Hair Care Routine for Beautiful Braids

While warrior braids can be a little more challenging to do when late for work early in the morning and before coffee – fear not as your braids still look great even when styled still wet and dirty! Your braids will still look awesome when you are late for a meeting and styled messy!

As a warrior woman choosing the shampoo and conditioner combination that is best for your braids is an individual choice. In my experience best results are achieved when using a gentle and all-natural shampoo paired with a leave-in conditioner that can keep your hair hydrated. When brushing and trying to detangle those clumps after a shower – I find a wide-toothed comb always works best.

Always try to avoid using too much heat on your braids but if absolutely necessary apply heat protectant before. If you are using a dye or bleach to color your hair, always find the best and least damaging product for your hair type, which often does not mean the most expensive products.

Help! What Braid Style Should I Choose?

There are many different styles of braids and frankly they can almost get a little confusing! When deciding which new braided hairstyle is best for you and your hair type a multitude of factors should be considered.

You should always find out what hair type you have before choosing a braiding style because different braids will work better on different types of hair. For example if your hair is thick then French braids will work better while on thinner hair braids such as fishtails will be better.

Another factor to take into account is the hair care and maintenance time that you have to invest in your braids. Some braids are low maintenance while others require a significant time commitment to keep looking good and so an honest consideration of your available time will help you decide on the best braid style for you.

Braids are easily one of the most flexible hairstyles and will look awesome on all hair types when done correctly.  Braids look great on any length of hair, and are absolutely not only for Warrior Women but Warrior Men also! While more modern hairstyles for short hair men or women often differ, braids generally are not differentiated by sex and will still look awesome when the right braid and care routine are established.

So whether you are an experienced warrior hoping to reverse a few of those grey hairs you found yesterday morning with some grey hair treatment before braiding, short hair or long hair, men or women – braiding really can cover all your bases.

How to Make Your Braids Unique to You

When you have decided on the perfect style of braid that you want, there are still plenty of opportunities to individualize your hairstyle even further so it is absolutely unique to you and your ‘look’!

One way is to consider adding some accessories. If you decide to add a more feminine touch to your braids then ribbons, beads, ties and clips which can be changed daily are great. Plus they can be changed daily to tie in with your outfit for the day or even your mood!


Has there been another hairstyle that seems to have been around since Ancient Egypt and probably far back into pre-recorded history? Just how long have warrior braids actually been in use? Braids clearly have many positive attributes – there is a reason they have lasted through thousands of years and still continue to be updated and used today.

With a little time to ensure that proper hair care routines, styling of your braids, and some great accessories Warrior Braids for Women are likely to be around for another thousand years at least!

Just remember to take proper care and follow Warrior Braids for Women: A Guide to Style and Care tips so that your braids will stay looking fresh for weeks and let your inner warrior free with braids of all lengths.

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