Wedding Fever: Fashion Gowns to Swirl For

A wedding dress is not just a garment. It’s the one outfit you buy after careful deliberation. And when walking down the aisle, it should express your happiness/love for that special person in life- who pays homage by asking you to be his wife. 

So, you need to have only the finest options to purchase from. There are various wedding dresses, and you need to find the one that beckons you. Therefore, it helps to know what each gorgeous dress represents. Once you understand these different styles, a dress is one purchase away from being yours and starring in your wedding. Here are some gowns that you should look into:

1. The Glamorous Show Stopper

If you’re all about glitz and glamor, you can find many styles available for you. You can explore materials like Brocade, Damask, and Dupioni. Brocade comes from silk or synthetic fibers and a beautiful structured gown. Damask is similar to Brocade, only lighter. And at last, the glamorous material Dupioni, the fabric is coarse and has an organic aesthetic. You can get your dress made in a gorgeous column style that sweeps down your body. 

If you’d like to be a fun bride, your dress should accentuate your personality. Picking the suitable material helps you decide on a particular style. You can get a slit up the leg, a mermaid dress with a tight top and flared bottom, or a fitted skirt with rhinestones and a halter cut.

2. The Regal Royalty

If you’re all about a royal wedding, you need to check out luxurious wedding gowns that would suit your lavish taste. Materials like Chiffon, Crepe, and Charmeuse should grace your dress. These are light, delicate, and transparent. The proper lighting can make your gown shimmer and make you look gorgeous. Royalty is all about making your presence known. 

Styles like the ball gown, trumpet, and ruffles make for an elegant gown. Make sure your veil has a lighter material than your dress, so it makes you look more delicate and highlight your stylish hair. You should also make sure your dress has an extended trial to complete the look.

3. The Relaxed Boho

Weddings can also be relaxed and comfortable. If you like the idea of a dress that lets you move freely, you will make the perfect boho bride. Materials like Gazar and Georgette make for lovely dresses. You can add sequins, pearls and even get balloon sleeves to your outfit. 

Styles that compliment your look are A-line and tea length. You can also get a dress with a light pink dusting and floral embroidery. As a boho bride, you can also experiment with designs. Don’t be afraid to add a splash of color to your dress, such as blue, green, and flower patterns. 

You can choose to wear a flower crown or skip out wearing a hair accessory altogether. Your choice of footwear can range from heels to open-toe sandals depending on you. Some boho brides take it further and add a jean jacket to their dress for the girl next door look. If that’s how you wish to express yourself go for it.

4. The Doey Eyed Romantic

If you like soft and subtle tones, you should go for a dress that looks romantic. There is nothing wrong with being romantic at heart and that too at your wedding. While picking out the material that suits you, explore fabrics like Tulle, Taffeta, and Satin. Tulle is a sheer and gauzy dress that has an open weave. Taffeta comes from silk or synthetic fibers. Silk is a rich, flowing material that is both heavy and smooth. 

Since your wedding will be a romantic affair, you should look for dreamy styles. You can wear a long-sleeved lace dress and add pearls around your neckline and sleeves. Cuts like A-line and ballgowns are suitable for your wedding. You can get a lovely puffy skirt with an off-shoulder style completing the look with light, silver jewelry. A strapless top with a ruffled skirt will also look stunning on you. So, don’t hesitate to make hearts float on your special day.

5. The Modern Chic

If you like the idea of wearing a dress that suits the era, go for the modern cut. You can choose a dress that expresses how you see yourself fitting in the contemporary world. Chic wedding dresses are all about expression. You’re not trying to conform to a style; instead of looking for a class that defines you. Materials like rayon, Point D’ Esprit, and Mikado can make your special day just how you want it. Rayon is a smooth fab akin to silk but has a more elastic quality, making it stretchable. Point D’ Esprit is a polyester net that gets sown in a diamond pattern. It is elegant and feminine and gives you a refined touch on your wedding day. Mikado is heavier silk that has a shiny finish. It provides structure to your dress and can create sophisticated designs. 

You can choose to keep your dress monotone with a column silhouette and a tight finish. It is minimalist but chic. You can even get an A-line silhouette with a running slit down your leg. Your choice of shoes can go from sparkling pumps to classy stilettos. You can even add a contemporary touch to your dress with a tulle top and a fitted skirt.

6. The One about the Traditions

When you hear the classic bridal chorus, you can’t help but picture a traditional dress. If you enjoy traditions and love the classic look, you will make a beautiful bride. You may even use the opportunity to pay homage to your mother on her wedding day. Traditional dresses are all about appreciation. It’s a nod to the brides in your family since you’re about to become one too. 

You can choose materials such as Lace, Georgette, and Organza and mimic the styles of vintage bridal gowns. Lace is well-loved material. It is everything you’d look for in a bride. It is delicate and feminine, making you look dazzling on your day. Georgette comes from polyester or silk and has a crepe surface, making for a good skirt. Organza is lustrous and comes from silk. 

The most common style is a ball gown with a flared skirt and lace top. You could look into adding pearls to your dress. You may also go for an off-shoulder dress with a mermaid bottom and a thick veil. Incorporate ruffles, balloon sleeves, and netted skirts into your gown to make it look more timeless and vintage.

Wrap Up

You can’t discount the importance of a good wedding dress, as it completes the occasion and adds to the celebration. There are various dresses for you to explore from. These can be glamorous, romantic, and traditional, depending on how you want your wedding to be. You can always mix and match your style to find the right one for you. 

Start by narrowing down the material that will make up your dress followed by the silhouette you prefer it in. After which, it’s all about finding the cut and style that suits you and make it yours. Weddings are an intimate affair, so you shouldn’t don’t deny yourself by withholding the dress you want. 

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