What Does Your Backpack Say About Your Personality?

Backpacks are a popular fashion essential because they serve an important purpose. Not only do they add to your look, but they carry all of your important items. They’ve evolved into one of a popular replacement for a purse or pocketbook, partly because of their versatility and functionality. Most people prefer backpacks because they are more comfortable compared to purses or tote bags, especially for walking longer distances.

If you like backpacks, you know that there are endless backpack styles to match your fit and fit your stuff. We all choose backpacks for our own reasons. Some for fashion, and some for practicality. So what does your backpack choice say about you?

Classic Schoolbag

You like to keep things simple. Your backpack is your go-to bag for every event, whether it’s work, class, a day trip, or just hanging out with friends. You also like to make things last. You’ll probably be using the same backpack until the straps fall off or the seams come apart. It’s in your nature to be frugal, you never waste money. You’re also easy-going, and usually up for anything. Your friends know you to be humble, down-to-earth, and honest.


You always rock the latest styles. You’re a trend-follower, and you can’t deny it. But that’s okay, because when the time comes for a photoshoot, you’re never caught off guard. You pull out your satchel backpack when it perfectly complements your outfit. You actually own many bags to match your different styles or moods, because you always like to mix it up. Stay fresh and keep ‘em guessing.

The Camper

If you own a backpack that fills to be twice your size, it’s needless to say that you like adventure. Your friends love you for being active, prepared, and always on the go. You’re very organized and sometimes you’re guilty of over-thinking. Being under-prepared is your worst nightmare. You prefer to have more than what you need, but you don’t need much. You always think that if you could travel the country in a decked out camper van, you would.


Ah yes, the reliable drawstring. Most of us have a stack of these that we’ve collected as swag from festivals and conferences. They’re typically produced by a promotional products company, such as GoPromotional, sold to a business trying to market their brand. If a drawstring bag is your go-to backpack, then you’ve definitely been to more than a few music festivals. You’re not really a backpack person normally, but drawstrings are just too convenient to ignore when it comes to festivals and concerts. They are simple, yet effective, two words that describe most things in your life. If there’s an easy way to do something, you’ve already done it, no questions asked.

Roll Top

You’re addicted to being unique. You love your roll top bag because nobody else has a backpack that looks quite like yours. You couldn’t care less about name brands; you’re a trend-setter. All of your friends have something to learn from you, and you’re never afraid to speak your mind. You also know the proper balance between style and practicality, and your roll top backpack delivers both.


You would carry a purse, if you didn’t hate purses. Besides, miniature backpacks are too cute to ignore. You are logical and fashionable, and you value independence. You are great at finding creative solutions to problems – nothing is ever just black or white. You also love to learn, and you’re always open-minded to new ideas and perspectives.

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