What Does Your Hair Say About You?

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If you’re like most women, you spend a lot of time thinking about your hair. The question is, what does your hair say about you? In other words, what message are you communicating to the world?

The Power of Hair Psychology

Every part of the human body plays a specific role. But in terms of visual appearance and social significance, few body parts have a richer place in history than hair. From the Biblical character Samson, whose long hair served as a symbol of his divine strength, to the ancient Greeks and Romans, who wore wigs as symbols of their wealth and social status. There was Cleopatra of Egypt, who was famous for having thick, straight, black hair. Even the founding fathers of America wore powdered wigs as a symbol of their membership in society’s upper ranks. 

Since the very early days of modern civilization, hair has played such an important role in how people look, feel, and express themselves. And whether you realize it or not, there’s an entire psychology behind your hair color and style that communicates something about your personality to others.

Here’s what your hair says about you:

  • Short Hair. People with short hair are seen as spontaneous risk-takers who like to have a good time. In an office setting, it’s considered very professional and makes you appear disciplined and focused. In other words, you’re focused, yet you know how to have a good time.
  • Mid-Length Hair. If you have mid-length hair that sits at or below your shoulders, you’re seen as someone who is practical, logical, and committed. People assume that you value common sense and are going to be steady, balanced, and reasonable. 
  • Long Hair. People with long hair tend to be more in touch with their feelings. They’re more flexible and are typically comfortable going with the flow. If you have long hair, you have a distinct personality that comes across before you even open your mouth. 
  • Thin Hair. A thin head of hair is typically associated with aging and has the effect of making you look older and weaker. In some cases, thin hair is associated with compromised health. While some thinning is natural over the years, too much thinning can leave you with a look that you aren’t comfortable with. It can make you look and feel older than you really are. Thankfully, there are ways to grow back hair after thinning – you just have to be proactive.
  • Thick Hair. People with thick hair come across as strong, energetic, and deeply emotional. Typically, people with thick hair seek autonomy and want to be self-sustaining. However, because they’re emotional, they also enjoy spending time with free-spirited people who are thoughtful and introspective. 
  • Straight Hair. Straight hair is seen as professional and serious. It’s a conservative and traditional look that says you mean business. However, the exact message it sends depends on the length. Short and straight can position you as outgoing, while long and straight makes you seem more introspective.
  • Curly Hair. If straight hair means business, curly hair means fun. People with curly hair give off a vibe of being fun, loving, and warm. They also tend to reach decisions faster and go with their heart (versus logically weighing the costs and benefits of every factor).
  • Blonde Hair. Blondes are fun and approachable. Because of social perceptions, blonde hair is also associated with sexiness and likability. However, many men also believe women with blonde hair to be more needy and shallow than women with other hair colors. 
  • Brown Hair. Brunettes are viewed as being intelligent and more serious. They also have an air of mystery and intrigue, as they tend to be more reticent about putting all of their cards on the table. 
  • Red Hair. Redheads are passionate, zealous, and fiery. They give off the perception of being passionate, loving, insightful, and dynamic. They’re also recognized as being natural leaders.

Discover the Hair You’ve Always Desired

The great thing about hair is that it’s versatile. You can change the color, switch up the style, or make any number of adjustments to match the situation at hand. And now that you know what different styles and colors say, you can intentionally style your hair in a way that’s appropriate for various scenarios. 

Whether you’re interviewing for a job, going on a first date, or casually hanging with friends on the weekend, you can be thoughtful with your hair and make a positive first impression. 

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