What Happens If You Get An Injury Or Illness From A Cosmetic Product?

Beauty products are supposed to make people feel and look good. Luckily, these days they are rigorously tested to make sure that they do just that. However, there are unscrupulous manufacturers out there that use questionable ingredients in their skin care products. The problem is that some are formulated not for effectiveness, but for cost.

In their quest to make a product cheaper, there are shortcuts taken. The result is a product that is not as safe as it should be. If you have an injury caused by your cosmetic product then you not only need to call the Lamber Goodnow injury lawyers but take some steps to build your case against the company.

What to do first

Compiling evidence is very important to do in the early stages of the injury. Document everything that has happened since you used the cosmetic. Make notes of when you took it, how much you used and how long it took for the injury to appear.

At this time you also need to be taking lots of pictures of the injury. As soon as the injury appears, take pictures of the area and continue to do so for some time after. The injury can change over time before it gets better and every phase should be documented.

If you live with somebody that witnessed you using the product and the aftermath, then make sure they have a written statement that can be used in court.

Lastly, you should keep the bottle of the product that caused the injury and the instructions that came with it. If you followed the instructions to a T and still got injured then this means that you have a case.

See a doctor

Rashes, outbreaks, and discomfort can happen even when the product is rigorously tested. Everybody has different skin and conditions and it is entirely possible that you could react to a certain ingredient in the formula.

When the reaction is bad and you took the recommended precautions, it usually has more to do with the product. This is when it is time to see a doctor. When the affected area is causing pain and getting worse, it is very important to see a professional. Preventing the injury from worsening is the priority at this point.

Once treatment is given, make sure to have the doctor give you a letter that attests to the problems that were caused by the product. You may even need to have them give a statement to your lawyer confirming that it was the product that caused the injury and not a reaction because of anything that you had done.

Even minor injuries should be checked out by a doctor to have your injury corroborated by a medical professional. Also to make sure the injury doesn’t get any worse. The claim is going to be quite complex so every bit of proof will help the cause when it gets to court.

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