What is Pregabalin?

Pregabalin, also known as Lyrica, is an FDA approved anticonvulsant and anxiolytic treatment, prescribed to patients who suffer from acute or chronic discomfort caused by injuries or illnesses that affect the muscles/nerves. Although the tablet produces potent pain-relieving abilities, it does not belong to the analgesic class of medications; instead, it is classed as a gabapentinoid.

Gabapentinoids are unique medicinal treatments that are structural derivatives of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA. A pooled analysis of several studies showed that pregabalin 300mg successfully treated patients, without inducing adverse effects or contributing to long-term risks.

This is a testament to both the tablet’s abilities and effects, which is the main reason behind its success. This treatment is also known for its excellent safety profile that also allows it to be used in treatment plans that involve the elderly. The tablet is categorised as a schedule V drug by the FDA, which means it also has a lower potential for abuse when used as advised.

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Common Pregabalin Uses

When patients buy Lyrica online, they will find that the tablet is available in capsule and liquid form. However, most patients gravitate towards the capsule or tablet form, because it is convenient to consume. The oral pill is FDA approved to treat several issues; although, it is most popularly known for the role it plays in treating neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia.

Both these conditions are caused by nerve-related changes or damage to the nerves, resulting in nerve cells firing an excessive amount of signals. This transforms normal functioning nerves into cells that are overly sensitive to stimuli that are usually not painful.

Scientists are still analysing how Lyrica 300mg improves these conditions, but research suggests that the tablet decreases the number of nerve signals being produced and alters how the nerves communicate with the brain. As a result, overly sensitive nerve cells are pacified.

Due to its unique abilities, composition and property list, Lyrica can also treat the following conditions:

·         Central neuropathic pain – This is pain caused by damaged nerves of the spinal cord and brain. The treatment works by effectively blocking pain by altering pain messengers travelling from the brain to the spinal cord.

·         Postherpetic neuralgia – This is a chronic discomfort that develops after a healed rash or shingles.

·         Diabetic peripheral neuropathy -This is nerve damage due to high blood sugar and diabetes, which leads to numbness, sensation loss, and mild to severe pain in the legs and feet.

·         Epilepsy – The anticonvulsant effects that Lyrica 300mg possesses help patients with epilepsy, by reducing excess electrical activity in the brain caused by epilepsy. The tablet slows down the impulses that cause seizures.

·         Generalised anxiety – The tablet minimises symptoms of anxiety by stopping the brain from releasing certain ‘anxious’ chemicals.

·         Insomnia caused by pain – This is a profound issue in individuals who have obstinate pain, which is mostly poorly managed. In this case, the pill eradicates pain and promotes sleep simultaneously.

Does Lyrica Induce Sleep?

This novel anticonvulsant drug is known for its effect on the brain and central nervous system (CNS). Although it is structurally similar to the GABA chemical, it does not bind to GABA receptors. Instead, it exerts its effect by binding to pathways in the nervous system, specifically voltage-gated calcium channels, which regulates influx of calcium into the nerves of the CNS.

This inhibits the discharge of neurotransmitters such as dopamine – basically causing a state of calmness in both the body and brain, which ultimately promotes sleep. A comprehensive analysis of the tablet confirms that the pill reduces pain in patients and improves the quality and duration of sleep they receive.

The Forgotten Benefits of Pregabalin

After more than a decade of successes under its belt, pregabalin is still continually evolving in the world of medicine. One of the reasons why the tablet continues to produce successful outcomes is through its flexibility of use. Besides using the tablet for multiple ailments, patients can also use this versatile treatment in polypharmacy treatment plans.

These plans are usually long term and consist of multiple medications paired with cognitive or physical therapy solutions. Although the pill can be safely used in such cases, patients are still encouraged to look at the treatments contraindication list to safeguard their health.

According to trusted research sources, pregabalin 300mg is well tolerated among young adults and elderly patients, which is why it was named one of the first pharmacotherapies to manage neuropathic pain. The tablet also has a commendable efficacy profile that further highlights its advantage over other medicines in its class.

Ultimately, this medication’s different facets combine to form a single treatment that can be safely used both short and long-term, with no major consequence or direct risks applying to the user. Patients must remember that the elimination of risks and adverse effects is possible if the tablet is taken according to usage guidelines and medical advice.

Key Facts to Remember When You Buy Pregabalin Online

As with any medication, Lyrica use comes with potential side effects. These can be induced or made worse by health issues such as mood or mental disorders, cardiovascular problems, kidney/lung disease, or a previous/current drug or alcohol problem.

Patients should consider these factors before using the tablet, to avoid potential health complications. They should also identify if they have any allergies to the treatment or its ingredients to ensure that they do not experience an allergic reaction.

Experts urge patients to acknowledge the information below as it can help them accurately identify possible adverse effects:

Common Side Effects


·         Appearance: Mild expression

·         Duration: Short-lived

·         Cause: These effects typically appear as the body becomes familiar with the medication.

·         Solution: Does not require medication unless effects are prolonged and severe.



·         Appearance: Severe expression

·         Duration: Lasts for as long as it is not treated.

·         Cause: An adverse reaction of the immune system to the treatment itself or ingredients it contains.

·         Solution: Medical attention is needed immediately.

Medication/ Disease Interaction Symptoms

·         Appearance: Mild to severe expression

·         Duration: Lasts for as long as it is not treated.

·         Cause: Occurs when two substances/illnesses present in the body negatively affect one another.

·         Solution: Seek medical attention immediately.

Blurred vision




Severe nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea or constipation, swelling, bleeding, bruising, severe dizziness or vertigo

Weight gain


Blisters on this skin



Swelling in the throat, tongue, lips, or face


Peripheral edema, angioedema, creatine kinase elevations, PR interval prolongation



Difficulty breathing

Trouble concentrating




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