What Is So Special About Louis Vuitton Purses And Why Women Want Them

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The Background

Louis Vuitton is a luxurious brand that is well renowned for accessories and designer bags. Louis Vuitton who is the founder of the brand established the latter in 1854, where he began as a maker of suitcases. Due to his special skills, the French designer was tasked with the responsibility of making special luggage bags for the wife of Napoleon III French Emperor’s wife. It was after this, in 1896; that Louis Vuitton was able to introduce his designer LV Brand, which has become very famous and loved by many.

The Reason as to why the Louis Vuitton Brand is Special

With there being so many LV purses for sale,  women have many options to choose from. Most women have become very faithful customers to the brand because of the quality of the bags and purses it produces. Discussed below are some of the reasons as to why many people consider the Louis Vuitton brand to be quite special and timeless for that matter.

Great Quality Products

The Louis Vuitton brand has a line of very quality product bags, that are made from monogram canvas.Given that the canvas is of very high quality, they don’t easily get to scuff, get scratches or easily ripped. Do you know that you can easily get some Louis Vuitton bags and purses from the 80’s; that are still in perfect shape. These bags are made with very good quality, given that they are made using material that is quite sturdy, which easily allows for them to stand the test of time.

Can Easily be Personalized to your Liking

If you are someone that likes very unique things and may not want to have your bag looking like everyone else’s on the streets, then you can get your own bag designed to something unique.

This is because of the availability of the Monogram service that helps women who love fancy colors and designs, to get the LV purses for sale designed to whatever they want.

You can even choose to have the initials to your name stamped on the bag, to show that it really belongs to you. You can also have the texture of the bag changed to something fabulous.


The Louis Vuitton monogram print is extremely neutral in terms of color and print. This means that it can easily go with very many clothes in your wardrobe in comparison to bags that may be bearing other prints. The fact that you are able to personalize it to a design and color of your liking also makes it even the more versatile.


Due to their durability, the Louis Vuitton bags happen to be a great value for your money. The canvas material with which they are made gives them a very high value and thus can be used for decades on end. For this reason, if you happen to buy a LV bag, for a considerable amount of money, it will be able to last you for quite some time. This is a way better option as opposed to buying other brands that are considered cheaper, but fail to hold up.


In the trends of fashion, things tend to go out of fashion, then back in again. There is a cycle in which the minute something goes out of fashion, then there is great possibility that it could come back to be trendy again. For this reason, the longevity of the monogram pattern of the Louis Vuitton bags tends to ensure that the logo bags survive in all the different seasons of the fashion world. You can use it for the years and still remain relevant and looking fashionable.

What Has Made The Louis Vuitton Brand Stand The Test Of Time

There are quite a number of factors that have been able to contribute to the growth of the designer brand as a whole. Discussed below are some of these factors:


For a brand to stay ahead of the game in an ever-changing fashion world, innovation is a very important factor. The Louis Vuitton brand has been reinventing itself over the years in a bid to try to align itself to the customer’s needs and demands. Louis Vuitton has managed to do this by being innovative and holding on to their classic traditions in terms of designs.

The brand ensures that it connects to the younger audiences by getting limited editions through different artists in a bid to stay relevant and very edgy. For this reason, women from different sets of age group are able to have their fashion needs fulfilled. Through the LV monogram, the brand’s innovation through product purses that are exclusive and of great quality makes it stand the test of time in the fashion world.


This is yet another great weapon used by Louis Vuitton in their quest to achieve and maintain greatness. The brand has always used limited short term edition series in a bid to counter mass productivity. At the end of the day, what this means is that not many people will have the same kind of purses. This is because with the limited editions of bags, many women will end up having different unique fantastic purses.


Like it has been mentioned aforehand, the LV purses and bags tend to be of very great quality. Quality is one of the factors that the brand considers greatly and it has used this strategy to ensure that it stays on top of the game above many of its competitors. Louis Vuitton does not even have to do so much marketing. The quality of their products just sells off itself and makes the brand earn great sales. This is mostly because most of their purses are custom-made with so much keenness and dedication. Despite the fact that it has grown to be a big brand, they have always maintained that closely-knit small company attitude, putting so much consideration to the customer’s wants.


There are quite a number of factors that have contributed to Louis Vuitton being a brand that is so special and loved by most women. Mostly, it is because of the great quality of the products that the brand makes, together with other factors such as versatility and the fact that you get great value for your money. This is why the company has been able to stand the test of time.

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