What is V Wash & How It Should Be Used?

While female skin care always has dominance in the market, the way people talk about different products is completely contrary to intimate products for women. V wash is one intimate hygiene product that is a must-have to maintain proper vaginal hygiene. This article will help you understand what is actually V wash, how it should be used and its benefits.

What is V Wash?

Although you can use any regular or your favourite soap to clean your entire body, when it comes to those intimate areas, you need to be specific and need to take extra steps. Instead of soap, go for v wash use as it is a 100% soap-free intimate wash that will clean your intimate area without disturbing its pH and skin sensitivity. It is safe to use in your intimate area because it is free from SLS and parabens and can be used even during periods and pregnancies.

How To Use V Wash?

When it comes to V wash use, it is not complicated as it sounds. All you need to do is to understand the right area where it needs to be lathered. As all women may know, the vagina is a self-cleaning organ, and you need not clean its inside area. So V Wash only needs to be used in the external area of your vagina.

Here are some simple steps that you can follow:

·   Take a few drops of V to wash in your hand and apply it to the outer area of your vagina.

·   Massage it gently until it lathers.

·   Further, rub it to the outer region and do not apply it inside your intimate area.

·   Finally, rinse it with plain water directly.

Benefits Of using V Wash for Your Intimate Areas

·   Better Intimate Hygiene

It is always a bad idea to skip your intimate hygiene as it can cause various infections that can pile into something that is severe. Therefore cleaning it with V wash will reduce your chances of anything harmful thing happening to your reproductive health.

·   Maintains pH level

The ideal pH level of the vagina ranges between 3.8 to 4.5. Soap has a pH of 8 to 10, and this directly depicts how it can mismanage the pH levels of your intimate area skin. However, that’s not the case with V wash use, and it keeps its pH safe, clean and healthy at the same time.

Maintaining intimate hygiene has several steps. However, using the right product for your intimate wash is also quite equally important. 

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