What You Should Know About Cashmere Clothing

In lavish gift shops or high-end fashion boutiques, you have probably seen cashmere clothes. Nevertheless, what is cashmere? This is a sought-after fabric that is associated with luxury; in the fashion industry, the insulating and soft material is among the most significant natural products being used today. Cashmere clothing is characterized by incredible soft finish. This is because of the delicate fibre that is somehow silky when touched. This kind of clothing does not have the wool’s itchy quality, though it provides the wearer with insulating warmth.

What is Cashmere made of?

Cashmere is made from the coat of a goat (the soft fleecy under layer of the coat). The chilly air fuels its growth, apart from it growing in winter. Such kind of a coat grows faster during cold season. The soft fleecy under layer is meant for insulating and protecting the goat from harsh weather conditions. As soon the weather start becoming warm, the goat starts to naturally shed its coat. Then, the valuable product is combed by cashmere producers before it is spun and dyed.

Types of Cashmere

Kinds of cashmere have been varying a huge amount and this is in relation to the environment factors, where the animal is coming from. In Himalayas, the goats tend to have very fine hairs that keep them warm during winter. Such a fine hair is considered to be much better when it comes to production of super soft cashmere clothes. It is from this area that you can get the most luxurious cashmere. Apart from the hairs’ thickness, the length of the hair is what makes the difference as far as the quality of the fabric is concerned. In relation to pilling, together with achieving fluffy quality, the fabric can be better if the hair is long.

Why is Cashmere So Expensive?

In fashion manufacturing, one of the expensive materials being used us cashmere. But the question is why it expensive? Well, this is because of two major issues. First, it is associated with complex manufacturing process and second, the raw material is rare to find. Surprisingly, one goat can provide approximately 200 grams of cashmere and this is not enough for a jumper. When this is taken into consideration, it will take a year’s worth of three goats’ fur to create cashmere clothe, and it is because of thus that the price has increased. Also, in the world, there is a finite amount of cashmere that is readily available to be used.

What Cashmere is used for

You can be asking yourself this question: ‘what is the purpose of cashmere? Cashmere is used for almost all kinds of lightweight clothing products; shawls, summer jackets and scarves. It is known for having heat retaining qualities; it is because of this that it has become effective wear for winter. Without being bulky, it can keep you cozy. Also, it is also used for certain home furnishings and manufacturing of the softest blackest.

Origins & History

It is from the Kashmir, India, that the name cashmere was derived. Originally, the fibre was produced in this location in the 13th century. Between 1500s and 1800s, Indians, together with Iranians, were using cashmere shawls in their political proceedings and religious ceremonies. In Europe, this fabric is known for having a rich and long history; the popularity of cashmere in Europe has soared for more than 500 years. In the 18th century, after cashmere shawls being discovered by a Scottish manufacturer in India, it was imported into Scotland. From that time, the use of cashmere in the textile industry has tremendously increased and this shows that it has a luxurious status.

Telling if the Cashmere is of High Quality

In a garment, if the percentage of cashmere is higher, the product will be of higher quality. In most cases, with silk, the fabric is spun for the garment to retain a luxurious silky soft quality. Moreover, this does not make it prone to pilling. There is a possibility of cashmere garments pilling. Another possible way to check the quality of the cashmere garments is by determining if they tightly knitted. Moreover, if the garment it stronger and warmer, it will last much longer. It is also recommended that you need to consider purchasing cashmere clothes with bright colors. Brighter hues suggest that the cashmere clothes have a first-class dying process, in addition to being very clean to start with.

Nevertheless, like other fabrics, cashmere clothing has benefits and disadvantages. Cashmere clothes are lightweight, extremely soft, and every warm. On the other hand, they come in limited quantities and the fact that they are difficult to source, they are always expensive. Now, since you have understood what cashmere is, you can consider purchasing cashmere products from Mahogany, which is an expert in Cashmere clothing.

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