Which Type of FUE Hair Transplant is Best?

For individuals considering professional hair transplant services, one of the most common questions is always going to be, “which is the best option?” Choosing between FUE and FUT can be puzzling, and rightly so. Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE as its commonly known, gives a myriad of options, and making the right decision will be challenging. In this guide, we are going to address the FUE hair transplant procedure by highlighting what it is, how it’s done, and the basic types available to prospective clients today. 

Demystifying the Details of FUE Hair Transplant: What is It? 

Follicular Unit Extraction is a modern hair transplant procedure that’s relatively faster and easier to perform compared to most other methods. Several clinics the world over now provide this service as part of hair transplant surgery to ensure clients get the right value for money. 

The procedure is done under local anesthesia and guarantees minimum to no complications. FUE hair transplant is done by experienced surgeons under a microscope to guarantee precision during follicular extraction. Unlike many hair restoration surgeries, FUE focuses on individual hair, where precision is not just a word. Each follicle is extracted as a complete unit, and together with the glands, they are transferred to another area. 

Despite being non-invasive, FUE hair transplant is an elaborate procedure and may take more time compared to FUT and other methods. This translates to a reduced healing period and improved success rates. With FUE, the surgeon reduces the risk of damaging the follicles which ultimately improves the quality of the newly transplanted hair. In conclusion, FUE can be summed up in 3 major stages including the following:

  • Collection
  • Canal stage
  • Plantation

Types of FUE Hair Transplant Procedures

Many clinics the world over will come to you claiming they have the best services for professional hair transplants involving the latest techniques and tools. But the truth is, nothing has changed. The FUE hair transplant procedures can be classified into 4 major groups, all of which originate from the basic principles of collection and plantation. They include the following:

  • Automated FUE
  • Robotic FUE
  • Handheld motorized FUE
  • Manual FUE

Let’s cover every category in detail.

  1. Automated FUE

To begin with, it’s important to demystify the notion that automated FUE hair transplant entirely involves automated machines with minimal human input required. This is never the case. Or at least, this is not the case anymore, because human involvement is still vital for the success of the procedure.  

Like many hair restoration procedures, a successful automated FUE transplant depends on the skills of the professionals involved. This procedure involves extracting the grafts using wet suction or air suction. It should be stated that automated FUE remains the fastest method because it assures a speed of up to 2000 grafts in just an hour. 

  1. Robotic FUE

Robotic FUE, just from the name, is intended to help the surgeons make accurate excisions when performing the actual hair transplant. Like many FUE types, everything is directed by the surgeons who must be proficient in implementing the transplant techniques. 

Even though this approach engages the services of a robotic device, graft extraction must be done manually using a pair of forceps and accurate graft handling is critical to the success of the process. Recently, the technique has witnessed massive updates in algorithm controls to give accurate and professional results. 

  1. Handheld Motorized FUE

Handheld motorized is one of the most popular FUE types today. Handheld FUE motors are perfectly refined to give excellent results. Currently, there is a wide range of handheld motors in the market from basic options with simple configurations to complex designs that will also cost more. 

Handheld motors will likely have varying sizes of punches with a myriad of customization options to fit with the patient requirements. Like with robotic FUE, correct graft handling is tantamount to success when working with handheld motorized FUE.

  1. Manual FUE

It’s easy to assume that this was the first form of FUE that was in place before the new technologies, which may or may not be true. Manual FUE is exactly what it sounds. Fixing a punch onto a handle and rotating between the forefinger and thumb while pressing it on the scalp. For a long time, this was the only form of FUE in place until new techniques were introduced. 

Despite witnessing massive updates with the recent technological advancements, many clinics have not given up on manual FUE especially in circumstances where it is viewed as the best alternative to the existing hair restoration procedures. 

The Ultimate Comparison: Who Wins?

From the comparison, which is the best FUE procedure for you? As you can see, the FUE hair transplant procedures vary and no single solution is a one size fits all affair. Unlike many surgeries, hair transplant is a custom-made solution whose success is linked to a huge array of factors. Every individual has unique characteristics that will affect the material selection and the possible outcome. 

If you want the best results every time without breaking the bank, you may want to prioritize reputable surgeons with relevant experience in the field. Remember it all depends on the surgeon’s competence and ability to combine their vast industry experience with craftsmanship to give natural-looking hair that’s cosmetically appealing. 

The Bottom Line

Wondering what’s the best FUE hair transplant procedure for you? Now, you have the answer. A hair transplant is a lifetime investment whose outcome will be visible forever. For any successful procedure, consulting the experts is a no brainer. Everybody craves a natural-looking hair that grabs attention. Unfortunately, there comes a time when hair loss quickly becomes a real nuisance. Instead of rushing to get the over the counter products that don’t guarantee excellent results, let alone give value for money, prioritize professional hair transplant services. Forget the cynics. This is a decision you will never regret! 

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