3 Easy Make-Up Tips for Seniors

Aging gracefully requires many factors: following healthy eating habits, exercising regularly, relaxing at home, yoga, facial care, etc.

The list is long.

When you look at celebrities who seem to have not aged at all, like Jennifer Lopez or Lucy Liu, you start dwelling on your forehead wrinkles and cellulite (excess fat) on your thighs and hips.

These celebs hire the top gym instructors and professional chefs and might even get occasional facelifts. No wonder their skin looks so flawless!

But what if there’s the possibility of looking younger without the need for expensive cosmetic surgeries?

That’s where the power of makeup comes in!

Of course, your skin has changed since your 30s, but that doesn’t mean you can’t apply makeup.

So follow these tips to apply your makeup and see your face look amazing in no time!

1. Makeup Testing at Boutiques

It’s time to buy that makeup kit you have had your eye on since last week.

Heading to the boutique, you notice a few testers for concealers, foundations, and lipstick on the shelves.

For lipsticks, the best you can do is to wipe them on your thumb. Don’t test it on the back of your hand since the soft flesh of your thumb is similar to lip skin and will provide you with a better preview of how the lipstick looks like.

For concealers and foundations, use the web between your thumb and forefinger. The skin near your thumb is thinner and crinkled, so it will show how your face makeup will look once applied.

Moreover, there’s no doubt that feedback from other seniors helps you make the best decision. For instance, care homes, like Bellevue assisted living, offer a nurturing environment where elders can mingle, share makeup advice, and flirt with potential mates!

After all, love doesn’t know age!

2. Know-How to Apply Skincare

While applying makeup when young, you wouldn’t contemplate upward or downward application since there were no wrinkles.

But with wrinkles and droopy skin, you need to rethink your makeup application techniques.

When you apply serum or creams on your face, make sure to use them upwardly and outwardly.

The key is to start from the center of your face and move outward since this movement gets the circulation going.

Then start applying your serum from the jawline and your chin and slowly move up to your ears.

Afterward, begin from beneath your nose and move towards your cheekbones, following a C pattern.

Finally, when it comes to your eyes, start from the spot close to your nose under your eye, then swipe in a hammock pattern till you reach the end. This technique helps in lifting the skin under the eye.

 3. Fight Asymmetrical Lines with Makeup

After you turn 50, you’ll notice that your eyebrows are slightly different from each other.

One will be higher than the other, and you’ll think it’s abnormal. However, that’s completely normal!

Besides your brows, you’ll notice that one side of your face has more wrinkles than the other. Generally, the side you sleep on.

Again, that’s totally normal.

Instead of fighting against these minor differences, why not embrace them and use them to your advantage.

For example, you can brush your eyebrows upwards to give them a more fuzzy look. Then fill from the bottom to the top with a pencil or a powder.

Finally, remember to pluck hairs that droop your eye and always comb in an upward curve to straighten your brows.