4 Common Jewelry Mistakes Women Should Avoid

Your fashion style is not merely about the clothing to be donned, but it is an expression of yourself. How you dress is an extension of your personality and attitude.

There are various styles to choose from and recreate. All you need to do is experiment to find what style suits you the best. It is a trial and error process of finding what clothes and accessories perfectly match your taste.

Pieces of jewelry are minute accessories, but they hold great importance in your style. Each type of jewelry helps highlight different features in your body, which is why it is crucial to know how to properly use them. It is also essential to note the things you should avoid to look impeccable overall.

Here are some mistakes women should avoid when using jewelry:

Using Jewelry that is Not Occasion Appropriate

On every occasion that you will attend, always remember to wear appropriate pieces of jewelry for it. You need to base your choice of jewelry on what type of event you will attend and the atmosphere of the gathering.

For example, if you want a comprehensive business look during your business meetings, a watch will be your first choice of jewelry to wear. If you pair it with a simple ladies diamond ring or thin necklace, it can make your look more sophisticated.

Wearing your extravagant diamonds during a gala is no problem at all. However, if you wear it during a pool party, you will look out of place. Big and chunky jewelry may work for formal events, but it’s not the best choice if you are going for a job interview.

To avoid looking out of place in an event, think carefully if your jewelry pieces suit the occasion you will attend. Wearing the right jewelry will make you look coordinated and professional.

Choosing the Wrong Metal

There may be instances where you observed that certain jewelry pieces look so vibrant on you while the others would look dull. The main reason for this lies in your skin tone.

There are three types of skin tones: warm, cool, and neutral. Each skin tone complements the different kinds of metals the jewelry is made of, that’s why some look good on you while others don’t.

To identify what type of skin tone you have, check the veins’ color in your arm under natural light. You have a warm skin tone if they appear green, blue indicates you have a cool skin tone, and a mixture of blue, purple, and green means you have a neutral skin tone.

Jewelry made out of yellow metals such as yellow and rose gold, copper, and brass-toned colors would suit you if you have a warm skin tone. White metals are the best choice for people with cool skin tones, including sterling silvers, platinum, and white golds. Lastly, if you have a neutral skin tone, you can wear jewelry pieces made of both yellow and white metals.

Wearing Too Much Jewelry

It is a general rule that less is more when it comes to wearing jewelry, that’s why it is frowned upon when you wear too much jewelry. The purpose of wearing jewelry is to enhance your outfit and style, which is why you have to perfectly balance the number of pieces of jewelry you wear in your body.

Stacking multiple rings with different bracelets and a watch in one arm is too much. Wearing numerous necklaces of different designs and colors will also create the same result. Adorning too many jewelry pieces will cause an imbalance between the jewelry and your clothes. In the end, the jewelry overpowers your overall look instead of enhancing it.

Improper Care of Your Jewelry

Before putting the jewelry for a few hours or even for the full day, you always need to clean them. Your beloved jewelry pieces can be a spreading ground for bacteria and germs. Thus, clean them properly. Besides that, jewelry can get easily tarnished due to dust and sweat, so you need to clean them regularly.

It is recommended to put first your clothing and then your jewelry to get scratched. Water and jewelry do not go well together, so remember to keep your precious pieces of jewelry away from water. It should also be clear that swimming with your jewelry is a big NO since chemicals from swimming pools can affect the jewelry.

When you store your jewelry, it is advisable to keep them away from lotions, perfumes, cosmetic products, and other chemicals that can affect their polish. To avoid further damage, invest in the right jewelry box with soft fabric lining and multiple dividers so that your jewelry items will not tangle with each other.


Your fashion style is only one of the many ways of showcasing and representing yourself. However, finding your signature look and aesthetic does not come easy for everyone. It is a process of determining what colors suit you best depending on your skin tone, types of clothes that complement your body type, and being comfortable with the clothes for you to wear.

There are a lot of things you should consider, especially in wearing pieces of jewelry. This is why it is crucial to know the rules in wearing different pieces of jewelry. By remembering simple tips, these accessories could either make or break your overall look.

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