4 Common Mistakes People Make While Trying To Lose Weight

You’ve been trying hard to lose weight, but it still seems tough. There are times on this journey where it seems you’re doing the right thing, but still don’t get the type of results you want.

The truth is, you may be hindering your progress by taking heed to some misguided or archaic advice. Wanting to lose weight shouldn’t make you that desperate such that you end up listening to every dick and harry. While shedding weight is important to you, you should be updated on current news and research, so you know what piece of advice you accept or reject.

Losing weight involves not only exercising but also the right amount of food that has all necessary nutrients embedded in it, enough rest or sleep, and more importantly, the zeal to commit to getting fit and looking fit. We have put together four mistakes people commonly make on their journey to shed weight, so you can avoid it too.

1. Concentrating On The Scale

Have you been religiously following your diet, but feel like you’re not making progress fast enough?. You need to understand and remember that the number on the scale going down isn’t the only way to measure your weight change. The funny thing is, there is a possibility that your weight can sometimes fluctuate up to four pounds during the course of a day.

The hormone levels can lead to increased water retention in women, which can result in a high number on the scale. Similarly, if you’ve been exercising as well as following a diet plan, you should also be adding muscle and losing fat. As such, you may not always see drastic movements on the scale. But if there is just a little change on the scale and your clothes fit you differently. This may be a clear indicator that you’re losing weight.

Different factors can affect the scale weight such as fluid fluctuations, weight from undigested food, or muscle mass gain. You can lose body fat and the scale reading wouldn’t bulge.

2. Skipping Meals

It’s only natural for one to think that you lose weight by skipping meals. This is a common mistake. At least, the weight was mostly added by food consumption. Several people skip meals, so they can consume fewer calories. However, in so doing, you’re not just losing out on getting essential nutrients into your body, but slowing down your body’s metabolism drastically. Thus, sending it into survival mode.

This way, it becomes even harder for you to lose weight and that action may even result in short-term weight gain. You don’t need to eat as much as you used to in terms of quantity. Sometimes, you might need a combination of proper diet, training, and weight loss pills. According to the folks at phenq.com, some weight loss pills can help you burn fat and stop its production. You should at least consume 4-5 small portions of meals packed with nutrients throughout the day. Eat healthy food when you’re you feel hungry, like dry fruits or yogurt.

3. Working on Cardio but Ignoring Strength Training

You should certainly try working out every day, as some exercise is better than none at all. If you’ve been working on your cardio but not seeing the results you want even though you’re dieting and have a healthy lifestyle, it might be because there is no strength training.

This is a popular misconception among many people, thinking that just lifting weights alone will bulk them. But, that’s not correct. The strength or resistance training you’ve been ignoring does not only help build up your muscles but also helps in boosting your metabolism and belly fat loss. Weight loss comes as an added bonus from the combo. To get the best result, you need to combine both cardio and resistance training together.

4. Consuming Sugar

It is normal for most people that exercise to practice diet control by getting rid of soft or carbonated drinks, including other sweetened beverages, in order to lose weight. Yet, they still keep consuming packaged drinking fruit juice. The truth is, even 100 percent of fruit juice is filled with sugar, which may ultimately lead to health and weight problems. The same ones you’re trying to avoid by not drinking sugar-sweetened beverages.

Rather than taking juice or drinks, you should consume between 4-5 liters of water every day. For different flavors, you can add lemon or mint leaves. You could try unsweetened green tea as an alternative drink.

Don’t get carried away with the several myths around weight loss. Do proper research and seek the advice of professionals before you begin your journey. Never fall for a quick-fix method to lose weight. If it’s going to be sustained, you need to view your weight loss as a journey.

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