4 Effective Ways to Improve Skin Health

Achieving healthy and smooth skin is all the vogue these days. While you may need some professional cosmetic help to achieve flawless skin, you can still improve your skin health yourself. Our daily habits, exposure to the environment, and eating habits play a massive role in our skin health. Altering your lifestyle and diet for the better can improve the skin’s condition and slow down the aging process. Seeking expert help in this regard can be beneficial in the long-run. However, for short-term solutions, read on. 

Some of the best tips for improving skin health are:

1. Protect Yourself from the Sun 

Exposure to the sun’s harmful rays causes problems such as wrinkles, discoloration, sunburn, etc. Apart from them, these harmful rays also increase the chances of skin cancer. So ensure to protect your skin from the sun. For this purpose, you can follow these measures:

  • Seek shade: Sun rays between 10 am to 4 pm are the strongest and most harmful for your skin. During these hours, try to stay inside or seek shade whenever you go outside. Also, wear sunglasses as the sensitive area around your eyes can get damaged from the sun too. A perfect solution to reverse the effects of sun damage around your eyes is opting for eyelids surgery to gain long-run benefits. For quicker solutions, use eye creams. 
  • Wear protective clothing: Opt for a thin layer of cloth between the sun and yourself to protect your skin. Wear full sleeve shirts, pants, or some light gloves when you go outside. If not possible, then wearing a wide hat can give you some protection from the sun.
  • Use sunscreen: Using sunscreen whenever you go outside is extremely important. It protects your skin from harmful UV rays. Wearing sunscreen reduces early signs of aging, dark spots, skin burns, and even cancer. Make sure you get sunscreen with a broad-spectrum and an SPF of 15 at a minimum.

2. Treat Your Skin Gently 

Cleansing too many times, using harsh chemical products such as scrubs and exfoliators on your skin can remove the skin’s necessary oils. So to treat your skin gently, follow these tips:

  • Avoid strong soaps and cleansers: Using scented and strong soaps, body washes, and scrubs can strip away necessary oils from your skin. So to avoid that, use gentle soaps and cleansers. Apart from using mild products, keep in mind that you should not scrub your skin excessively. Harsh usage of soaps and cleansers on the skin can cause problems such as rosacea. So when you wash your face, gently cleanse it, especially acne spots.
  • Limit bath time: Long baths and hot showers feel amazing after a long and tiring day. But too many of these can be harsh on your skin. They can strip away the moisture from your body and make it dry, resulting in problems like itching and dryness. Instead of hot water, shower in warm water.
  • Shave properly: Shaving on dry skin can cause severe damage to your skin. It can also cause ingrown hairs. So when you shave, lather your skin with some shaving foam, gel, or conditioner. Never use a dull razor, as it can be harsh on your skin. 
  • Moisturize: Many people skip this essential step. However, your face and body need moisture and hydration. It doesn’t matter if you have acne or oily skin. Your skin still needs moisture to remain healthy; else, it will dry up. So moisturize your body after you take a bath to lock the moisture in. And incorporate moisturizers in your daily routine.

3. Eat Healthy and Drink Plenty of Water 

Undoubtedly, diet plays a significant role in the way your skin looks. So skip the carbs, fats, and cholesterol. Consume whole grain, protein, greens, and fruits as much as you can. Apart from that, taking vitamins and fish oil supplements can improve the skin’s condition. You can even order discount vitamins online to ensure you take them regularly.

Apart from your food, having a proper water intake is highly crucial for healthy skin. If you wish to lock hydration in your skin, it is essential to provide it with 2-3 liters of water every day. 

4. Manage Stress and Sleep Better 

Stressing too much can cause breakouts on your skin and make it look dull and flaky. If you wish to have healthy skin, you must have a stable and positive mind. The effects of stress can become visible on the face over time. Make sure you manage stress and sleep properly; otherwise, you might get dark circles, face puffiness, and wrinkles. So sleep 7-8 hours every night and free yourself from the worries of the world.


All these factors play an essential role in the condition of your skin. However, most of it depends upon your lifestyle and habits, and less on the type of products you use. You can improve the condition of your skin and make it look healthy by adopting these habits. But remember that the skin you envy on social media and magazines has many filters and edits on them. Natural skin can have problems, but there are many solutions to overcome them.