5 Classic Clothing Trends That Are Always in Style

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It’s always fun to follow the latest fashion trends, see which of your favorite fashionable celebrities are wearing them and then styling them in your own unique way. Trendy styles are great when you’re in the mood to try something new or if you’re in a style rut and need a bit of creative style inspiration. Having said that, there’s always room for timeless pieces in your closet. 

Classic styles and tried and true trends are the pieces you wear over and over, season after season, for as long as you can. They’re the pieces you reach for when you need to put a great outfit together quickly because you know they’ll look great. Here’s a closer look at a few classic clothing trends that will never go out of style. 

  1. Neutral Heels: When in doubt, add neutrals to balance it out! It’s no secret that your footwear choice can do a lot for your outfit, but some stand out among the rest. In addition to a pair of classic black pumps, it’s a good idea to have some cute heels in a neutral shade as an option for dressier occasions.
    Nude-colored high heels may change in their overall style and material as the seasons change, but they are still regarded as a classic trendy piece that is appropriate for a range of different occasions, ages and outfits. Pair suede pointed toe heels in a light neutral color with light wash jeans and a fun blouse or go for a strappy pair with your favorite cocktail dress.
  2. Striped Styles: No matter which styles are named the trendiest of the season, stripes will always be in style. Known as a flattering, timeless trend that is worn by many regardless of age or occasion, stripes are one of the most versatile and widespread classic trends out there. While you might already have a few striped pieces in your closet, there’s no shortage of fun and fashionable striped styles available from brands at all price points. If you’re looking to add more stripes to your wardrobe, go for a few cute dresses in striped patterns, classic striped t-shirts and striped skirts.
  3. Fitted Black Top: Is there anything better than a great black top that makes you feel amazing every time you wear it? Chances are, you have one hanging in your closet or folded in your dresser right now, but there’s always room for one more of these classic styles.
    If you’re looking to add a stylish black fitted shirt to your wardrobe, start by narrowing down your favorite shirt styles. What do you wear most? Whether it’s sleeveless, off the shoulder or cropped styles, you can definitely find exactly what you want in a black top. While an oversized fit is ideal for some occasions, a more fitted look is flattering and versatile, meaning you’ll be able to wear your fitted black top everywhere. 
  4. Dainty Jewelry: Simple elegance is always in style, and you can achieve a simple yet elegant look by layering a carefully curated set of dainty jewelry. These stylish jewelry pieces include necklaces with thin chains, slender bangles, delicate earrings, simple rings and other similar pieces. The great thing about wearing subtle jewelry is that you can create different looks by layering necklaces, stacking bracelets and creating jewelry looks that range from super simple to stunning and sparkling!
  5. Monochromatic Looks: Sometimes a bold outfit doesn’t need multiple colors to make it look great. If you’re looking to keep a colorful outfit simple and classic, go for a monochromatic look made up of one single color or different shades of the same color. Of course, it’s popular to execute this by wearing all black or all white, but creating a colorful monochromatic look is a great way to get noticed and keep the compliments coming. 

You can get an easy, polished look that is inspired by the monochromatic trend and presents a classic, trendy look by starting with one of your favorite colorful pieces. This could be anything from a silky green blouse or tan sweater to a pair of bright red trousers or a yellow sundress. Once you’ve decided on a starting piece, you can begin adding other garments and accessories in matching or similar shades until you have a full outfit. Don’t forget to incorporate accessories to complete the look! 

A collection of classic, trendy pieces makes any wardrobe feel more complete. More importantly, it’s about which classic styles stand out to you and make you excited to get dressed in the morning. Choose your favorites, shop for quality styles that fit you well and get creative with these classic clothing trends!

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