5 Custom Hair Care Brands in 2021

Customized hair care has become increasingly popular as demands have risen for specific hair solutions. The generic shampoo brands provide a few options aimed to suit the largest number of buyers. So, if you have any specific concerns regarding your hair that you need to resolve, a customized hair care plan is the way to go.

5 Hair Care Brands

Five customizable hair care brands have been listed below to cater to your requirements.


Prose offers customized hair care solutions for each individual’s specific needs. The brand is aimed at creating clean products which are thoroughly researched and developed as shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks. Their ingredients are combined to create unique and beneficial formulas, which are then packaged in charming colors with your name labeled on them.

The brand also offers its customers a subscription service that offers one-on-one appointments with professionals. Prose hair care solutions have garnered almost 200,000 positive reviews left behind by satisfied customers.


OUAI offers its customers the perfect way to understand which shampoo would best suit their needs by answering a quiz. The few questions will evaluate which shampoo, conditioner, and hair masque would be perfectly matched for your concerns and hair type. The brand’s customization is limited as it doesn’t offer unique and personalized solutions for each individual.

Schwarzkopf Professional

Schwarzkopf Professional offers their customers a customized treatment plan after a consultation with one hair care expert. The products guarantee that your hair would be ten times stronger than before, and also sealing hair pores.

Schwarzkopf Professional’s products aim to treat your hair from the inside out and reconstructs it to its original strength and shape. The Fibre Clinix boosters can be added with your treatment to add another level to target specific concerns.

Belle Bar Organic

Belle Bar Organic’s customizable hair masks are a unique item on the market. Amongst the hundreds of generic hair masks that you can use to treat your hair concerns, Belle Bar Organic offers customized hair masks.

After you have chosen a mask to treat your hair, you have to choose the base of your mask, the oil, and three other ingredients to complete the formula. Once you have come up with a personalized formula you are good to go.

Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty offers clean products that are created using a combination of sixty of their ingredients. They offer sulfate-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free formulas to provide you with safe and effective treatments. Their products can be customized to nourish roots, soothe scalps, define curls, reduce frizz, and many other issues that you may be facing. Once you have answered the quiz you are offered a personalized solution for your hair.


If you are looking for solutions to treat your hair to clean and safe products, the listed brands provide personalized options for you. Customized solutions can offer your hair the necessary treatment if they are unhealthy, dull, and unmanageable. Once you have purchased a product, allow the ingredients to work their magic on your scalp and strands.