5 Different Ways of Styling a Sports Bra

There are many ways in which you can style your favorite sports bra outside the gym. Sports bras can be worn as outerwear. If you have a sports bra that’s cute and colorful, why not wear it as your top? This is a great option to stay in shape but still look stylish.

Sports bras can also be worn under other clothing, like regular shirts or dresses. If the rest of what you’re wearing is tight, a sports bra will help keep everything in place while giving you comfort during the day.

Since every 1 in 5 Americans belongs to a sports club or a gym, chances are you are also working out in some way and have plans of stocking up on activewear for the next year.

Sports bras are very versatile articles of clothing and can be styled with different articles of clothing to jazz up your look. Today there is a huge array of stylish bras for every occasion and body type. We suggest you visit here and browse different styles of sports bras to suit your unique requirements.

Read on to learn five different ways in which you can style your sports bra.

1. Sports Bra & Plaid Shirt Tied at the Waist

A sports bra is the perfect way to show off your curves and give your outfit a sporty vibe.

As more and more women opt to wear wireless underwear, the disruption in the lingerie industry is led by the sports bra. In this wave of adopting comfortable yet stylish sports bras as an alternative to restrictive lingerie, you can be as creative as you wish in pairing your sports bra.

Pairing it with a plaid shirt is an easy way to add some color to your look, and a tie at the waist, front, or back will show off even more of what you’ve got going on. To make your outfit pop with some color or patterns, you can opt for a sports bra with abstract designs or bright colors to complement the neutral shades of a plaid shirt.

2. Sports Bra & Denim Jacket

This is a very simple and stylish way of styling a sports bra. It can be worn with jeans, shorts, or leggings. For days with a slight nip in the air, throwing on a denim jacket on top of your favorite sports bra will help you stay warm without compromising on your unique sporty look.

The denim jacket will give you more versatility as it can be worn with any kind of top underneath it. All types of denim, as we all know, lend a vintage look to your style. You can even customize your denim jackets by sewing on colorful cloth patches or logos of causes you resonate with.

3. Sports Bra & Dress

Contrary to popular opinion that you need a specific kind of lingerie to go with a formal dress, you can change the game by wearing a sports bra and yet manage to show off your shoulders and back by opting for a formal dress that is backless and sleeveless but high-necked.

You can wear your sports bra under a strapless or backless dress, which will leave your shoulders exposed and show off your beautiful back. It will also be a great way to showcase a sports bra with an interesting design on the back, like a strappy crossover design. But please remember to choose a sports bra in a color that suits your dress. A black strappy bra with a black dress would go well, for example.

This look is great for the summertime but can be worn all year round with a cardigan on top in colder months. The key to making this look work is finding an appropriate length of the sleeveless dress that will skim over your stomach area without being too long or bunching up around the hips.

4. Long Sleeve T-shirt Over a Sports bra

Wear a long sleeve shirt over your sports bra and tuck it into high-waisted bottoms. Use a cropped V-neck T-shirt and pair it with high-waisted shorts or jeans. This will work great when you are stepping out to do some errands and need to work fast and efficiently, and are not in the mood to wear a dress or top.

You can also wear a long off-shoulder T-shirt like a dress to lend a casual yet upbeat summer look to your outfit. Do remember you are your best self when you are comfortable in your skin, so do not hesitate to show off your shoulder or belly whenever you are in the mood. Your sports bra will support you as you engage in various outdoor activities like playing ball or skateboarding.

5. Accessorize With a Statement Necklace

In addition to sporting a sports bra, you should also consider adding a statement necklace to your outfit. Choose a style that will work with your outfit and complement your skin tone, hair color, and face shape.

This is one of our favorite ways to style sports bras because it’s so simple yet effective. The necklace will be showcased well if you wear a sports bra in a single shade that sets off the stones, beads, or metal of the necklace perfectly.

While concluding, let us leave you with a few numbers to help you understand the context of the sports bra movement from a more global perspective. The global sports bra market size was 43,725 million USD in 2021 and is growing at a 12% CAGR.

It should give you an idea of the huge adoption of sports bras as an article of clothing for women that serves more purposes than just being delegated to the gym. So, if you are planning to wear and pair sports bras with all your outfits this year, do remember that lots of women the world over are doing it.

We hope this list gave you some ideas for how to style a sports bra. In the growing awareness about body positivity and inclusive conversations, always insist on finding the right sports bra that supports your unique body shape and makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.

Instead of trying to conform to unrealistic ideals to fit into a particular outfit or considering slimming down to an unhealthy extent before showing off your curves, rejoice in being your own self. Most brands have become sensitized while marketing or developing products, and it is important that you shop from such brands to ensure your true self is celebrated for its unique shape and size.