5 Easy Hairstyles With Clip In Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are known as a secret weapon to add thickness and length to our hair, make an overall lush look, and give you a glamorous look. Here we will see some tricks about seamless hair extensions to spruce up your hairstyle that people don’t know.

I’m going to be explaining to you guys how to style your extensions in five different ways. These are kind of like curls, buns, and ponytails. I think it is exciting because I don’t wear curls often, but I have started to recently, and I’m kind of obsessed with them. The other thing that curls are perfect for with seamless hair extensions is making them blend when they don’t match properly, and that is currently my problem with them. I got my extensions about six months ago. Since then, my blonde has changed ever so slightly, so I find them don’t match as perfectly as I would like. Still, by curling them and creating these hairstyles, it is a perfect way to make them blend and seem like they match entirely when they don’t; the weight of my seamless hair extensions is 220-gram. I have got the shade ash blonde, and I had toned them ever so slightly to match my hair back when I first got them. I achieve five different hairstyles. This one is purely just about styling hair extensions. I will share some styles of using certain hairstyles up a notch and showing you some creative ways to use them that you have never seen before.

Low ponytail

As much as I like to wear my hair extensions down. I like wearing an extension in other hairstyles such as ponytails too. The good thing about creating a low ponytail with the seamless hair extensions is that you don’t have to clip in them past our ear level since your hair will be tired back away.

Don’t worry about blending in the top part of the hair. I omit wefts above my ears and find the trick prevents any bulges at the top of the head that can be caused by wearing too many clips and making the overall look ponytail natural and seamless.

Double Dutch Braids

Start by creating the middle part to the nape of the neck. After that, section off one side to prepare for your clip in hair extensions. The essential step is to use your extensions for double Dutch braid when and where you clip them. Turn them around and vertically cut them. We recommend you to use 2 and 3 clip pieces.

To ensure that details are undetectable and invisible once applied, section off hair diagonally in where the braid will be. Redo the same process on the other side; for good results, use at least two pieces of extensions per side.

Once your extensions are completely installed, meticulously brush through to make sure everything is smooth after that section off one side of your hair for braiding. To make the Dutch braid, take a small team of hair from the front and split it into three sections.

Then fold the outside area over the middle one at a time, taking another strand from underneath as you go. You have to repeat these steps; still, you reach the nape and make regular braids all the way down.  Finally, loosen and pull apart the braid for adding volume, and you’re done.

High Bun

Creating knots is a different game, though. I like to separate my hair at my ear level and clip in a couple of wefts upside down, so the clips face up. It will ensure that these wefts will lay flat against when you gather them into a bun for the wefts about the ears’ level. I am clipping them with clips facing down.

That way, these wefts will stay flat against your head when pulling them into a high bun. Once it clips in wefts, my hair into a high ponytail and secures it will be elastic, and you can style it loosing up the hair around the crown area and wrap a strand of hair throughout the elastic and bind your hair into a bun; nobody will know that you’re wearing clip-ins.

Natural Wavy

To get a natural wavy look, a straightforward trick is to blend two different shades. Mix the G-2 dark coffee brown set with the G-4 medium brown set. It’s because the darkness is at the bottom of the hair.

Clip-in most dark coffee brown wefts towards the bottom of the head and then starts to alternate weft from the darker shade and lighter shade as you get higher up. It creates beautiful, highlighted effects. Choose a shade that matches your shade and a base that fits your highlights.

Loose Braids

Here’s a trick that people don’t know about; you can clip in one-inch weft in the midst of your braid and keep braiding. So, without having to get longer hair extensions, you will get a long plait.

The key is to clip in the weft into the back of the braid so that they are hidden, and you want to pull out the bottom of the braid more so than the top of that.  And if you pull it out more, it’ll give the illusion that it’s seamlessly transitioning.


So that concludes the five super easy hairstyles for extensions. As you guys understand, they blend nicely with any hairstyle that’s got curls in it, and curls kind of add so much volume. I’m obsessed with how they make any hairstyle look if you guys enjoyed the five hairstyles.