5 Reasons to Dress Professionally Even When Working Remotely

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Do you get excited about working from home in your pajamas? It’s kind of a running joke in the office that people wish they could, but when you actually start working from home, it’s not so glamorous. In fact, working in pajamas is one of the fastest ways to tank your productivity.

If you work remotely, even part-time, here are 5 reasons to ditch your pajamas and dress professionally.

1. Bad habits die hard

If you think you can work in your pajamas now and switch back to office attire later, think again. Once you develop a bad habit, it’s hard to break. Habits – good or bad – are difficult to break once created. If you want to avoid struggling with bad habits, it makes sense to develop good habits from the beginning.

If you’re still not convinced, consider how bad habits might affect your career down the line. For example, if you’re studying to become a CPA, do you really want to study in your pajamas? If you plan on taking a CPA prep course, you’ll probably need to video chat with your instructor at least once.

What if you get so comfortable wearing your pajamas that you take your exam in your PJs? Will you consult with clients in your PJs? Right now, you might not think it could become a problem, but if working in PJs becomes a habit, you might not think twice.

2. People remember what you look like

There’s a reason many women go to great lengths not to wear the same outfit twice within the same month: people notice and remember what you wear. People notice your hair, your makeup, your skin, your clothes, and even your shoes.

If you’re working remotely and take video calls, people aren’t going to see you from the waist down unless you get up and walk around. However, they will see and remember the shirts you wear and your hair at the very least. Still, don’t just wear pajama bottoms with a nice top; you might need to get up during a video call.

Dressing professionally while working at home will help you avoid skipping your morning routine and hanging out with uncombed hair and unbrushed teeth. As a general rule, if you’re going to dress up, you’re going to brush your teeth and comb your hair first. Dressing up will force you to maintain good hygiene, which will leave a positive impression on others.

3. Dressing up will help you think better

Pajamas are comfortable, but they aren’t necessarily conducive to clear thinking and creativity. According to the Wall Street Journal, several scientific studies have proven that dressing up for work can increase your productivity by helping you think more efficiently.

The impact of dressing up is something many work-from-home newbies have discovered through trial and error. Many have tried wearing a hoodie and sweats only to realize it makes them feel lazy.

If you want to think clearly and produce your best work possible, you need to at least get out of your pajamas and into casual office attire. Wear a nice pair of jeans and a polo t-shirt at the very least. You’ll be amazed at how much more efficiently you’ll work.

 4. Your clients and customers will judge you

Zoom calls aren’t just for team meetings. If you use video calls to connect with clients or customers, what you wear will shape their perception of you and your company. If you’re representing someone else’s brand, wearing pajamas will alter a client’s perception of that brand in the wrong direction.

You don’t need to wear a suit and tie or a fancy dress, but wear something your clients and customers will respect. A simple button-down shirt or nice blouse is enough to create a professional perception.

 5. Dressing nicely can positively impact your energy and mood

It’s harder to generate a high-energy attitude when you don’t take your pajamas off before starting work. You’ll need a high-energy attitude to hit your daily targets and make it through the day. Having that attitude is especially important when you’re interacting with other team members, clients, customers, or contracting partners.

If you love your job and your paycheck, don’t work in your pajamas

If your boss finds out you’ve been wearing pajamas on Zoom calls with clients and the rest of the team, you might get fired. If you want to keep your job, don’t work in your pajamas. It’s not worth the risk.

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