5 Street Style Ideas Perfect for The Summers

The previous year has been a whirlwind for sure and was one where most of us had to put our summer plans on delay. With a potentially fatal virus doing rounds, it would be inconceivable to head out and have fun like we would each year. Now, however, things are finally looking up. With pubs, bars, restaurants, and other attractions gradually opening up, you can finally head out again. And yes, a new season means a new wardrobe. You want to make the most of each trip outdoors and flaunt your street style. However, if you have an indecisive streak, you might find it hard to find inspiration for all your outfits. Below, we’ve listed all the ways you can give your wardrobe and your fashion aesthetic a significant change. These outfits will let you look effortlessly cool, creative, and fun. From matching separates to all of the season’s hottest color stories, keep reading below to find inspiration for your summer wardrobe.

Summer dresses

Flowy, elegant summer dresses can never go wrong, and this fact holds for summer 2021 too. There’s no shortage of styles in summer dresses. Another factor that makes summer dresses such a staple is that the design is incredibly inclusive and perfect for women of all sizes. The flowy design is flattering for all shapes without looking baggy or unflattering. Plus-sized summer dresses can help accentuate your curves in all the right places and let you look incredibly trendy. Furthermore, they provide a super comfortable fit, where you don’t feel restricted in any way. 

If you’re looking to add some fun, flirty drama and flair to your street style this summer, Plus Size Dresses for Women are a must-have. The flowy fabric and chic prints epitomize the season unlike anything else. Even the most understated summer dresses can add a flirty, fun touch to your outfit and can easily be head-turners. However, it isn’t just the design that makes summer dresses such a popular summer favorite. The material is perfect for letting you beat the heat even on the most scorching afternoons due to its flowy and breathable design.

Bare it all

One of the edgiest, hottest summer trends of 2021 is to bare it all. If you have a gorgeous new bralette you’re dying to show off; a summer afternoon may give you the perfect opportunity. In this edgy, unique trend, you can put a sexy twist on the classic tailored suit. Ditch the collared shirt, and instead, opt to showcase your pretty bralette under your blazer.

While a full suit may be too stuffy for the summer heat, this fun alternative lets you make the classic look much more wearable. This look is perfect for day or night, and you can easily style it up or down. It is a fail-safe combo that can look perfect for any occasion, be it a date night, a girl’s day out, or even an errand run if you’re feeling fancy. It’s a slinky, flattering, experimental look that’s sure to turn heads.

Go sporty

There can never be a perfect time than summer to whip out your trainers and sweats and take them to the streets. Sweatpants are some of the most popular clothing choices for summer because they are light and breezy and don’t make us feel stifled. However, wearing sweatpants and trainers doesn’t mean you have to look like you just got out of the gym. There are numerous ways you can take this look to the next level and look effortlessly chic. The first step is to find a flattering, high-quality pair of sweatpants. Overly baggy ones can make your look seem too casual for most spaces.

Alternatively, you can swap out the sweatpants for other classic athleisure staples, such as tights and tracksuits. Pair a matching or contrasting set with your favorite trainers, add some accessories, and you’re all set to rock a relaxed, casual look perfect for any occasion. If you like to look trendy while out on a grocery run, you’ll appreciate the ease with which you can put together this look. It has the perfect balance of thoughtfulness and chicness and will make you stand out.

Get a simple slip dress

If you want a delicate, classic, and oh-so-flattering look, there’s no option better than the slip dress. The slip dress symbolizes femininity and is the perfect romantic outfit for all the hazy summer evenings. It is an outfit you can easily style up or down and is incredibly comfortable too. The slip dress is easily one of the most iconic fashion creations from the 1990s, born from the underwear-as-outerwear movement. It is easily one of the most versatile additions to your closet, and you can wear it in a variety of ways. From amping up its sexiness for a night out to layering it with a t-shirt for a day-out look, there’s no shortage of ways you can wear this slinky dress.

You can opt for printed versions, ruched versions, cut-outs, or the classic, plain silk dress with delicate, thin straps and ties. If you’re looking for something effortlessly chic, there is no better option than the simple slip dress. A pair of statement earrings and neckpieces can have it ready for the night. For a more day-friendly look, you can layer it under t-shirts and pair it with your favorite boots.

Go baggy

It seems it’s finally time for skinny jeans to go. The leg-hugging slim-fit jeans, which have been an iconic part of our wardrobes for the past decade, may finally have exhausted themselves. Instead, baggy boyfriend jeans are the next biggest thing, and just in time for summer. Boyfriend jeans have the perfect understated, effortlessly chic vibe that makes them ideal for street style. Furthermore, they’re perfect for summer because they’re much more comfortable for hot, steamy summer days.

There’s no shortage of styling ways for these uber-chic jeans. They go perfectly well with even the most feminine tops in your wardrobe, and the mixing and matching of styles can add your personal touch to the outfit. Conversely, they go equally well with other unisex apparel items such as muscle tees and baggy t-shirts for a comfortable, relaxed look. The clothes we wear reflect our mood and personality, and this fit represents the perfect cool summer vibe.


After spending a year indoors, it’s only understandable for you to want your street-style game to be on-point. These trends can let you show off your style incredibly well and can flatter all shapes and sizes. It’s important to remember that the perfect outfit is always what makes you feel comfortable and confident. So, have fun with whatever you wear and make the most of this newfound freedom.

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