6 Bodycare Products You Should Always Have in Stock

When was the last time you thought about your body care routine?

Sure, face skincare is a must-do, but so is taking proper care of your body skin. But to take proper care of your skin, you will have to build the right skincare routine for your body, which more often than not is not that different from your skincare.

Yet, as similar as they are, body care routines are unique by themselves, so we thought it would be a great idea for us to share our know-how on the topic.

Everything from acquiring the proper creams for you to keep your skin healthy to even making sure you always have in-stock simple things like scented hand sanitizer on you.

We’re going to go over the more important things, but make sure you do further, more in-depth research on the proper skin conditioners and products for your body skin type. Furthermore, if you suffer from any chronic skin conditions, we suggest you consult with a professional and build your body skincare routine with their help.

That way, you’ll ensure every product you use will work well for you and your body.

An exfoliant will always come in handy, especially if you’re an active person.

First things first, always make sure you have an exfoliant in your bathroom.

See, our skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells. That means common skin irritations are caused by the clogging of our pores. An exfoliant will take care of this.

But, make sure you get a proper body skin exfoliant. Oftentimes they’re more abrasive than face exfoliants, and they’re also more affordable and in larger quantities (this means you won’t waste your fancy face exfoliant).

Ideally, you should exfoliate your body twice a week. If you’re a particularly active person and you love to move, train, and sweat, then you can exfoliate three to four times a week.

Just make sure you aren’t over-exfoliating your skin as it may cause the opposite effect and ultimately cause skin irritations.

Moisturizing cream is a must in any bathroom if you want to keep your skin looking young and toned.

Yep, your body skin needs moisturizing as well. As if you didn’t already know that, you should invest in a simple but nice moisturizing cream for your body.

The great thing is you have a huge array of moisturizing creams to choose from.

There’s a body moisturizer for every type of skin out there, and the price range is also quite vast, with moisturizers being some of the most affordable skincare creams on the market.

If you’re having a hard time choosing the proper moisturizing cream and aren’t exactly sure what you should look for, try to find a cream that feels lightweight to your skin and avoid creams that make your skin feel oily.

Cocoa butter lotion is the perfect body care product if your skin’s prone to stretch marks.

Going even further on the topic, we have to talk about stretch marks. Both men and women suffer from stretch marks, and we all want to fight them.

Whether or not you’ll have stretch marks depends on the type of skin you have, but you can still actively work to make stretch marks fade faster.

Cocoa butter lotion is the perfect choice for that. It’s healthy, natural, and most importantly, if you love sunbathing, cocoa butter can help with getting that awesome tan you’ve wanted for so long.

You’ll also need a few tools to keep your skin looking perfect.

Finally, it’s hard to have an amazing body skincare routine without the proper tools to help you.

Below we have listed our must-haves, and of course, you can expand the number of tools you use in your daily skincare routine.

A body brush is perfect for removing dead skin cells while having a shower.

Many of the lotions that we shared are used for exfoliation. And, if you want to exfoliate each part of your body, a nice body brush can help you with that.

A body brush can help you with hard to reach spots like your back.

The right safety blade is a must to keep your body fuzz-free.

Finally, we suggest you invest in a higher quality safety blade. The sharper blades allow for smoother shaving of peach fuzz and overall body hair, which ultimately leads to fewer skin irritations.

Our advice is to go with something that feels comfortable and of high quality to you.

However, keep in mind that you should change your blades every two weeks or so. That way, you’ll ensure a smooth shave and no skin irritations.

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