6 Chic Ways To Add A Bohemian Touch To Your Outfit

Relaxed and liberated, the Bohemian style is more popular than ever. Fashionistas in all corners of the world enjoy Boho’s creative mishmash of retro patterns, natural materials, and soft lines. Even though loose-fitted, the clothing items made in this style are nothing but chic, and that’s what makes it a sought-after trend. If you want to join the beautiful army of Boho fans but do not know where to start, we have a piece of great news for you: going a Bohemian route is incredibly easy. Here you have it: 6 chic ways to add a Boho touch to your outfit.

1. Start With Boho Patterns

If you are at the very beginning of putting together a Bohemian wardrobe, there is no better way to start than introducing specific Boho patterns. Luckily, they come in a great variety, hence feel free to choose from various floral prints, tie-dye designs, and awe-inspiring tribal patterns. It’s up to you whether to add a Boho scarf to your usual outfit or upgrade your jeans with a floral top and matching boots – choose your comfortable pace in creating your own chic look.

2. Accessorize Your Look

Nothing screams Boho chic as smartly selected accessories, which are often key to the genuine Bohemian look. Do not settle for less than the finest handcrafted pieces created from natural materials, or otherwise, you won’t get that coveted feeling of uniqueness.

From bracelets and necklaces to earrings and anklets – the choice is truly rich. If you are not quite sure, which items could be your perfect fit, it’s a good idea to get a snapshot of the offering, by checking out the websites of Poco Loco Jewellery or other big-name brands. This way it’s much easier to figure out your preferences and get an item that really suits your taste.

3. Get A Bohemian Dress

There is no dilemma: a classic Bohemian dress is a must-have, especially if you are looking for a pretty universal item that can be the centerpiece of your new chic wardrobe. Chances are, you won’t stop at just one dress because they come in a myriad of prints and designs, one is more striking than another. You can wear your dress with strappy sandals during sizzling hot summer days while your winter outfit will take advantage of fancy ankle boots.

4. Do Not Forget About Vintage T-Shirts

Vintage clothing is full of charm and just one vintage T-shirt is able to transform every wardrobe, but in the case of Boho style, their importance is hard to overestimate. The cool thing about these cloth items is that they come in so many different colors and designs, letting you express your feelings or make a statement. Of course, they are best paired with jeans but you also can combine them with matching trousers or your favorite maxi skirt.

5. Go Oversize

Despite what you may think, an oversized look is actually very Boho. Well, we are not talking about jeans (skirts and dresses are fine) but a slouchy cardigan can work perfectly. Cardigans are not only trendy but also extremely handy, serving as a great addition to any wardrobe all year round. By the way, flare jeans are part of the chic Boho look too, therefore if you still haven’t bought at least one pair, it is time to do it. Oh, we almost forgot, cardigans with fringing take the Boho story to the next level literally. What’s more, if you like fringing, feel free to incorporate it in other clothing pieces and accessories, including earrings, ankle boots, and handbags.

6. Give Preference To Floaty Fabrics

Fashionistas worth their salt will tell you that there is no Boho vibe without loose floaty fabrics. Do not forget that only natural materials count, hence look for quality stuff, not cheap synthetic. Just a heads up, make sure the size of your future top, skirt or any other clothing item makes a great fit and does not create a careless hippie look. Whenever possible, go for tops with a V-neck to compensate for the volume created by floaty fabrics.

Additionally, when choosing the color, stick to the natural earthy shades and avoid too vivid and shouting hues. Depending on your tan and hair color, try the beiges, golds, creams in a combination with browns and darker green.

Fascinating in many ways, the Boho style deserves its great popularity, therefore it comes as no surprise that more and more fashion girls go for it. In fact, Boho is much more than floral prints, retro patterns, and embroidery – it has a unique spirit of freedom and chic.