6 Ideas for Great Going Away Gifts You Can Give Your Colleagues

People generally love gifts. You can’t walk into someone’s home lately without finding some token of appreciation for the host on the coffee table. At work, this should also be true, but it isn’t always easy to come up with great ideas for office gifts. However, people who are about to go away often inspire their colleagues to give them truly memorable presents. You can do this too! Here are six ideas that will help you surprise your worthy co-worker with an amazing gift.

Tickets to their favorite music band

If your colleague is a fan of music, then get them tickets to their favorite band’s upcoming concert. Most musicians tour every once in a while, so you should be able to catch one of their shows if you look hard enough. You can also get season tickets for the opera or theater if that is more of your co-worker’s thing. If you know that there is an event they would love to attend soon, don’t hesitate, go now and get the tickets! You may also go for a local band they will want to go and support. People love this idea as it shows them your social conscience as well as how much you care.

A piece of art

If you are looking for a gift that is both thoughtful and beautiful, art is the way to go. If your colleague loves art, then getting him or her a piece of original art will be perfect. You can present them with some nice pieces of modern art as a going away gift. From abstract paintings to postmodern sculptures, there’s something for everyone on this planet who appreciates beauty and aesthetics. If you are talented in the art of painting, you can do a surprising portrait for your colleague. You can ask them to sit or pose in a particular way and then draw it on a canvas. The result will be truly spectacular, and they’ll remember you every time they look at your creation.

An experience

Make the last days at work unforgettable by giving an experience as a farewell gift instead of material things. For example, organize a nice dinner with all co-workers involved in the person’s departure and present this event as one of his or her going away presents. Another idea is to take your colleague on a trip to someplace he or she has always wanted to see but never had the time for. The choice of activity depends on your budget, but there are plenty of affordable opportunities out there! You may also consider getting them a spa day voucher to help them relax and feel rejuvenated before taking on their new challenges.

Make a personalized video

If you know that your colleague is leaving for greener pastures, film a short clip of all the other employees singing ‘For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow’ to him/her. This works even if it is not his actual birthday. Once you have recorded this at work, send it to the personal email address of your friend, and don’t forget to make the file name something like ‘goingawayvideo’. It should be funny and heartfelt and will prompt tears of joy from both parties! Also, try and get some of the work managers involved in this. They will appreciate your effort and you can be sure that they will keep it a secret too, so it is a perfect surprise.

Put together a scrapbook of memories

This one works best if you have been working with your friend for more than two years at the most. If there has been synergy in your working relationship, then there must be plenty of fun moments that have taken place over time – especially if you are young and energetic! Collect all these photos and put them together into a scrapbook using MS Powerpoint or Photoshop. Don’t forget to include interesting anecdotes and stories from the past along with the pictures. Get feedback from others who have worked with you so that it will be as comprehensive as possible.

Personalized award

You can’t go wrong with a personalized award. Try to think outside the box for this one – you want something that will clearly show your appreciation towards your colleague. You don’t have to whip out the engraver, but it has to be done tastefully if you are not confident of your artistic abilities. If not an award, try getting him/her a plaque. They are very popular at work functions and usually catching on too! Also, see that it comes with an elegant-looking frame which you have already taken care of in the presentation as it is just as important as the gift itself!

Whether your colleagues are leaving for better opportunities or simply retiring, it is always a good idea to get them farewell gifts. You don’t have to spend too much money on these – any small token will do if it comes from the heart! If you are not sure about what you should do, then it is worth considering these suggestions. Your colleagues will surely appreciate them.

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