7 Tips to Make Your Valentine’s Flowers Stand Out

One of the most popular ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to send flowers to your romantic partner. The most recognizable tradition is sending a dozen red roses, but if you blindly follow tradition, your romantic gesture won’t stand out. How can you make your flowers more unique? And how can you make your message more meaningful?

Tips to Make Your Valentine’s Flowers Stand Out

If you’re sending flowers on Valentine’s Day, you can make your gesture more unique and impactful with the following tips:

  1.       Shop online. There are many places where you can buy and send flowers, especially if you look online, so it’s a good idea to shop around. The local florist around the corner may have a decent selection of flowers, but you can probably find more novel varieties if you expand your search outward. Widening your selection pool may make your decision more difficult in some ways, but it can also introduce you to some unique options you might not have otherwise considered. It’s one of the best ways to break out of the mold.
  2.       Pick the flowers yourself. If you’re interested in putting together a unique arrangement, consider avoiding the florist altogether. If you have flowers in your yard, or if you have a friend with a thriving garden or greenhouse, consider picking the flowers yourself. You may not have the deft skill and experience that a florist would have, but your arrangement will be much more personal and original. Of course, if you don’t feel confident, or if you don’t have access to your own selection of flowers, this option may not be available to you.
  3.       Choose alternative flowers. Roses are the standout floral gift for Valentine’s Day, but there are plenty of other interesting options, such as carnations, sunflowers, tulips, daisies, and chrysanthemums. Each of these flowers represents a different idea, so make sure to review the potential symbolism of the flowers you choose. Alternatively, you can purchase a bouquet featuring some of the favorite flowers of the person for whom you’re buying.
  4.       Add some contrast in the arrangement. Most flowers within a single species look the same, but you can make your arrangements more dynamic and more interesting by adding more contrast. Including flowers of radically different colors or textures could be a great way to make your arrangement pop.
  5.       Purchase a nice vase. If you have the budget for it, consider presenting the flowers in a nice vase. A better vase will instantly elevate the aesthetics of the display while simultaneously making it easier for the person receiving the flowers to care for them. Plus, if and when these flowers die, the vase can be washed and reused in the future.
  6.       Write a better card. So many people focus on choosing the right flowers that they forget the importance of writing the best message. Including a handwritten card or a thoughtful note with your bouquet will instantly make your gift more personal and impressive. Depending on your relationship and your own personal talents, you could write a poem, express your deepest emotions, or just share an inside joke.
  7.       Deliver in person. Flower delivery services are highly convenient, but you might make a bigger impact if you deliver the flowers in person. Consider carving out time in your schedule to make it happen.

Following Through

Delivering flowers is a great way to start off your Valentine’s Day celebration. But if you want to truly show your affections, you should follow through with at least the following:

  •       Spoken adoration/appreciation. Follow up with an in-person conversation or a phone call so you can tell the recipient exactly how much you adore and appreciate them. It’s going to make your gift resonate with more genuine emotion. Plus, expressing gratitude can make you happier.
  •       A meal. The way to a person’s heart is often through their stomach, so consider taking out your lover for a nice meal. If you can’t afford to go out or if you don’t want to go out, cook a meal together at home.
  •       A shared activity. You can make your Valentine’s Day even more special with a shared activity, whether it’s something adventurous like paragliding or something more mundane like doing a puzzle together.
  •       Intimate time together. Also, make time to be intimate with each other. Whether you head to the bedroom together or just cuddle on the couch, any level of physical intimacy is going to make this holiday more special.

Sending flowers on Valentine’s Day is a tradition for a reason, but there’s no point in mindlessly repeating the same gestures that millions of people before you have already made. This Valentine’s Day, try to do something more personal and unique.