8 Ways Bralette Creates Comfort That’s Flattering

Comfort is everything. If you are a female, one of the most important items you can have in your closet is a bralette. Not only is it a piece of clothing that provides you with a ton of comfort, but it equally provides you with various flattering style options that we know you are going to love.

Thanks to the influence of bralettes from the likes of top-tier celebrities like Kendal Jenner, bralettes are literally all the rage right now and we don’t think they are ever really going to go out of style.

You can pair them with a white tee, with badass skirts, or even solo. It is up to you and the vibe you are going for. While many people initially saw bralettes as impractical, we are here to state the obvious. Not only are they unbelievably practical, but equally comfortable too. You can wear them with just about anything and everything—an off-the-shoulder sweater, a sheer blouse, a jean jacket, a tank top. The list literally goes on and on.

Defining a Bralette

So what exactly is a bralette? And how is it different from a bra? Well, to put it bluntly, a bralette can vary. Some are lacy. Some are sporty. Some are actually made of leather.

The purpose of a bralette is to be multi-functional. They can be worn as underwear. But they can also be worn as outerwear. You can wear a bralette in place of an actual bra and get both support and style at the same time.

You can layer it with just about anything and everything, proving it is certainly an essential for the wardrobe.

Top Ways to Wear a Bralette

When it comes to the various ways you can rock a bralette, the options are endless. Regardless of if you are small chested or big-chested, bralettes are your best friend when it comes to feeling sexy and stylish all day long. Here are the best flattering looks for bralettes to try.

1. Off The Shoulder Top

An off-the-shoulder sweater or shirt is flattering as it gives the illusion of having broader shoulders and provides a bit of skin action to make your outfit interesting. But bra choice can often prove a bit challenging, as likely you will have a bit of strap showing too. This is when you swap out the bra for a bralette and make pulling off this look a lot less tricky.

2. Under a See Through Top

If you are wanting to wear your sheer top but do not want to have everyone just immediately look at your basic bra, then switch it up with a stylish bralette. Sheer tops are made to be layered with interesting under pieces and a bralette lets you do just that. It is the perfect pairing for this type of wardrobe option.

3. Under a Jacket

If you are wanting to make a blazer look sexy, swap a shirt for a bralette underneath. You will instantly upgrade the whole vibe of your blazer and add a whole lot of sexy to it. Basically, any style of bralette works with this and you will love how empowered this combo makes you feel.

4. Under a Sweater

A cozy and cute combo to try is pairing a lacy bralette with an oversized sweater. You will naturally end up teasing a bit of your lace bralette in the most subtle way and give you that effortlessly cute look you are wanting to go for.

5. Under a Crop Top

Crop tops are back in style, but you need to also consider layers. Chances are that a bit of your bra will end up showing, so swap out the bra for a sporty bralette instead and make a true casual fashion statement. It will look effortless but give you a really pulled-together look.

6. Over a Button-Down Shirt

This one is a bit different, but we think it totally works. Make a standard shirt look super interesting by wearing a bold bralette over the top. It is a great way to still feel both conservative and sexy at the same time and a fashion statement we are seeing many celebs currently making.

7. With an Exposed Back Top

Some of the coolest tops to wear these days are simple in the front and exposed in the back. This is where you really want to enhance this look with a supporting bralette underneath. It will let you rock the exposed back top in style while equally feeling supported and comfortable.

8. With a V Neck Top

If you are wanting to wear a more exposed top that shows off your cleavage without going too risqué, then this is the time to wear a bralette too. That way you will get coverage and cleavage all at once.


What bralette style will you be trying out next?

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