Apartment Friendly Fitness: How To Work It Out

Whether gyms near you are still largely closed or you’re more comfortable sticking close to home, it’s always handy to be able to squeeze in a workout without heading out the door – but when you live in an apartment, workout space is at a premium. So, how can you get fit when you’re stuck in close quarters? The key is to make the most out of what resources are at your fingertips.

Get In Your Flow

Yoga is one of the most popular fitness activities that you can do at home, and while it may not burn the most calories, it has a lot of benefits. Yoga helps increase flexibility, builds strength, and relieves stress, while faster flows are designed to offer cardio benefits. In addition to these benefits, there are also targeted yoga sequences and poses that can help address specific complaints, such as back pain from spending too much time at your desk. All you have to do is open up YouTube and stream a yoga flow – there’s an endless array to choose from.

Use Communal Facilities

Many apartment complexes, no matter where they’re located, have onsite swimming pools for communal use, at least during the warmer months, and swimming is a great workout. Lap pools are ideal for traditional workouts, but if your facility doesn’t have one of those, you can also do water aerobics and other modified exercises. The water adds resistance, which burns calories, without putting pressure on your joints.

What other facilities your apartment complex offers will vary by size, location, and other factors. In Austin, TX, which is considered something of a wellness epicenter, local property management groups are more likely to offer amenities like onsite gyms to compete with other facilities, while a suburban or rural complex might not offer such spaces.

Be A Pilates Pro

Some people think pilates is a lot like yoga, and while they’re right in some ways, if you want to build core strength, it’s the way to go. And, while there are platform-like devices called reformers that you can use for these workouts, you don’t need to commit your minimal apartment floor space to that. In general, for pilates workouts, you can get pretty far with a strap and a small fitness ball. 

Go Hard With HIIT

HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts can easily irritate your neighbors if you’re on an upper floor, but they don’t have to be disruptive. The key is to choose the right exercises. Go for a combination of Russian twists, backpack squats, superman raises, and other body weight exercises that don’t involve jumping up and down so you can keep your heart rate up and also keep the peace. As for the burpees, those are best left in retirement until you’re back in the gym or can workout outside.

Step Up Your Game

Step aerobics is totally retro and perfectly suited to your apartment. A low-impact cardio option, step aerobics can be made more challenging by increasing the height of the step, and pairs well with your favorite music. It’s also a safe workout for people with osteopenia and can even improve bone strength. Another advantage of step aerobics for apartment dwellers is that you can simply slide your step under a bed or desk or into the closet, so it doesn’t take up too much space.

Whatever your style, there’s most certainly a way to make an apartment-based workout work for you. And, if you’re worried about bothering your neighbors, remember that a thick mat or carpeting can go a long way. In fact, many apartments are carpeted for exactly this reason – it muffles noise and keeps complaints to a minimum. While the old adage says, “good fences make good neighbors,” in today’s close living quarters, it’s good carpeting that really makes the difference.