Benefits of Antioxidant for Skin

You may have come across the skin rejuvenating benefits of antioxidants. One thing for sure is they are the perfect solution to healthy skin in so many ways. 

Antioxidants are naturally occurring minerals and vitamins. They have the task of guarding against the damage caused by free radicals. 

One of the most recent discoveries is carbon60 or C60. We can thank a group of scientists from the Texas-based Rice University for this. Carbon 60 is fantastic for one reason. The structure of the C60 atoms allows them to bond easily with free radicals. 

Understanding the Harmful Effects of Free Radicals

You see, free radicals can cause a lot of issues in the human body. Indeed they are the main contributor to many chronic health problems. These include inflammatory diseases, cardiovascular issues, cancers, and cataracts. 

The free radicals will also have a terrible impact on the skin. They can damage healthy cells resulting in oxidative stress. The stress has a direct effect on increasing the rate of premature aging. You will also notice an increase in skin sensitivity resulting in inflammations.

The tricky fact is that there is no way to avoid free radicals. The body is constantly producing them. External influences such as poor air quality, sunlight, pollution, and even smoking can also contribute. 

And it doesn’t stop there. Free radicals can also be due to digestion and the action of the lymphatic system. The danger starts once the free radicals reach excess levels in your system. The goal should be to balance the amount of free radicals. 

The bonding action of carbon60 with the free radicals makes them ineffective. The anti-oxidizing action prevents tissue damage by blocking the formation of new radicals. You can get the benefits of C60 by taking supplements.

Some skin care products also contain C60 as one of the main ingredients. It makes them very effective for fighting the aging effects of free radicals, 

Other Powerful Antioxidants 

Other than C60, other sources of antioxidants will give you fantastic skin. These include:-

  • Vitamin C or L- ascorbic acid is critical for forming healthy skin tissue. It works by boosting collagen production and fighting against the effects of oxidative stress. The anti-aging benefits will be clear for everyone to see. 
  • Vitamin E or alpha-tocopherol is an essential fatty antioxidant. It is fantastic for healing scars and cuts. Vitamin C use results in noticeable changes in skin that is aging prematurely. There will also be more suppleness due to the moisturizing properties of vitamin E.
  • Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide is crucial for the maintenance of healthy cells. It also forms a barrier, thus locking in skin moisture. Niacinamide is a vital ingredient in products that help with discoloration or fading of dark marks. 
  • Retinol is a powerful antioxidant that does almost everything for the skin. It works by increasing cell production, thus helping achieve youthful-looking skin, free of wrinkles. Be careful, though. Some people have adverse reactions to it. Please conduct a patch test if you plan to use any retinol-containing products. 
  • Polyphenols are present in wine, fruits, spices, and vegetables, to name a few sources. Polyphenols protect the skin against UV damage.    

Final Thoughts

Free radicals can damage your body and skin. Antioxidants effectively balance their levels, thus reducing any damage the free radicals can cause. C60 is proving to be one of the most potent antioxidants. 

But, many other essential and non-essential ones have tons of benefits for your skin, as we have shared above.