Top 5 Best Curling Irons for Beautiful Looking Waves

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4.Kiss products Ceramic Instawave 1” Automatic Curling Iron




Hair curlers are round rollers typically made of plastic.They contain an electric resistor positioned inside that generates heat.Circuit board made of material does not conduct electricity is what holds the electronic components and manages the electrical charge.

Curlers work when by transferring heat.The electronic components carry the heat of the resistors to the outer wall of the curler.And when it heats up, you can wrap your hair around each roller, leave it for a few seconds or minutes, and then get curls or waves.Curling irons work in the same way.

They can curl the hair that is wrapped around, usually one section at a time.How tightly the hair sections curl depends on the size of the curler.Just for a general rule of thumb, larger curling irons create softer curls, while smaller models create tighter curls.

Hair curlers powered by electricity for heat have been the standard in the beauty industry for decades, and millions of women use them on a daily basis.

How to properly use a hair curler

You can find many tutorials online on different ways to curl your hair.But one thing that none of those tutorials talk about is how to properly use the curling iron.

For example, how to hold the curling iron?And which way to turn it?These are all important questions you need to answer when curling your hair.You might think your intuition will help you.

But it is not that simple.Before you choose the best hair curler, you need to know how to use it.There are two ways you can properly use a hair curler.

Method 1

You can start by holding the curling iron vertically with the clasp facing forward.Clamp a 2-inch section of hair, starting about 2 inches from the ends.

Curl the hair out and away from your face, all the way up to the root.Hold between 5 and 15 seconds, depending on your hair Texture.

Make sure to curl the front pieces away from your face.That is unless you want a retro Hollywood look.


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