25 Big Box Braids That Will Make You Stand Out of The Crowd

Box braids have emerged as a prominent protective style within the natural hair community. Not only do they shield the hair from potential damage, but they also present an array of styling possibilities. These braids come with the added convenience of being a ready-for-any-occasion hairstyle that simultaneously exudes elegance and charm. Especially appealing are the big box braids that serve as a bold fashion statement, capturing attention with their voluminous and versatile appeal.

Recognizing the growing trend, we’ve assembled an array of tutorials and inspirational images for box braids suitable for various hair lengths, including short, medium, and long. Whether you’re looking for a simple and quick solution or a more elaborate braided updo, we provide the resources to help you find the perfect fit for your personal style and needs, ensuring that your hair is not just stylish, but also well-protected.

1. Cornrow Box Braids Bun

coiled updo cornrow box braids
Photo: Instagram.com

We recommend trying a high bun for a sophisticated look when dealing with larger box braids. By slicking back the braids in a cornrow pattern before coiling them into a textured bun, the result is both sleek and chic.

2. Pentagon Parted Braids

pentagon parted box braids
Photo: Instagram.com

We discover the creative versatility of box braids with pentagon-shaped partitions:

  • Unique pentagon partings
  • Offers a twist on classic patterns
  • Adds an artistic touch to traditional styles

Bold shapes redefine the braid landscape.

3. Jumbo Box And Twist Braids With Loose Ends

sparce chunky box braids with loose ends
Photo: Instagram.com

We opt for jumbo box braids when we desire a bold and thick braid style. These braids often stand out due to their size and volume. In this style, where we intertwine jumbo braids with twist braids, the look becomes more dynamic. By leaving the ends loose and ringed, we achieve a chic finish without the need for extensions.

  • Braid Style: Jumbo Box and Twist
  • Braid Thickness: Jumbo
  • End Style: Loose, Ringed Cut-off
  • Extensions: Optional

4. Medusa Box Braid Bob

medusa bob box braids
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Style: Long Bob
  • Features: Braided texture, spunky vibe
  • Accessories: Hair rings, zigzag strings
  • Appeal: Modern, edgy, and runway-ready

5. Violet Triangle Parted Box Braids

violte triangle jumbo
Photo: Instagram.com

Triangle parts enhance the classic box braid style with edgy geometry.

  • Color Pop: Dark violet shades lend a touch of mystery.
  • Inspiration: The look is both understated and distinctive.

Our tip: Coupling triangle parts with a violet hue elevates box braids with a chic twist.

6. Auburn Beauty

copper beauty
Photo: Instagram.com

We’ve seen how rich hues like black, dark brown, and burgundy elevate our look. Auburn, in particular, stands out on deeper skin tones. It’s a self-sufficient style statement. Consider the elegance of burgundy braids—it’s stunning how they bring a vibrant warmth. Witness this through:

  • Highlighted Shades: Auburn and Burgundy
  • Styles: Chunky Box Braids
  • Complement: Dark Skin Tones

Accessorizing? Yes, it’s the cherry on top.

7. Valentine’s Day Hair

valentine box braids
Photo: Instagram.com

We can achieve a stunning Valentine’s Day hairstyle with the right technique. Consider the top bun made using large box braids, complemented by bright pink accent braids for a festive touch.

  • Heart Detail: Thinner braids sculpted into a heart on the side affirm a Valentine’s theme.
  • Oval Parting: While more complex, an oval parting elevates the overall design.

8. Gray And Purple Chunky Box Braids

gray and purple accented braids
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Colors: Striking Gray with Purple Accents
  • Trend: Current Season’s Highlight
  • Vibe: Bold, Confident Look

We recommend embracing the trend with open arms—it’s a unique blend of sophistication and playfulness that’s quite irresistible.

9. Spiderweb Parted Big Box Braids In Space Buns

spider parted space bun
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Texture: Spiderweb parting adds a bold twist
  • Style: Space buns offer a trendy half updo
  • Statement: Our technique ensures a head-turning effect

10. High Wrapped Ponytail Box Braids

high pony big box braids
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Style: High Ponytail with Box Braids
  • Unique Feature: Braids wrapped at the base
  • Visual Appeal: Adds a fierce, commanding aspect to the high ponytail

11. Midnight To Blue Ombre Box Braids

blue ombre box braids
Photo: Instagram.com

We’re showcasing waist-length box braids that transition from an intense midnight shade at the root to a captivating blue toward the ends. This ombre effect embodies the depth of the sea, providing a dynamic twist to long box braids.

12. Side Twist Box Braids

side twist elegant box braids
Photo: Instagram.com

Styling Tips:

  • Half-up Twist: We recommend twisting your box braids up and to the side for a fresh take.
  • Manage Weight: This style helps alleviate the heaviness of long braids.
  • Cooling Effect: It’s a practical choice for staying cooler on warm days.


  • Ideal for both everyday wear and more formal events.

13. Loose Ponytail Box Braids With Undercut

undercut golden big box braids
Photo: Instagram.com
  • We can secure our loose ponytail using one of the braids — no hair tie needed.
  • Opting for golden hues adds a vibrant flash to our appearance.
  • An undercut provides an additional layer of edge.

14. Half-up Bun

half-up top bun box braids
Photo: Instagram.com

We embrace simplicity with a stylish half-up bun, perfect for big box braids. This is an effortless go-to look that effectively highlights the distinctive triangular parts. It’s a look that carries you seamlessly throughout your day with minimal fuss, making a memorable impression with its understated sophistication.

15. Copper Highlighted Box Braids

auburn with bralck ombre checker
Photo: Instagram.com

To achieve a natural yet vibrant aesthetic, copper highlights in box braids are an exceptional choice. Utilizing shades like light brown, honey blonde, and latte can add a splash of color that blends seamlessly as we style the braids. The result is a playful look that’s both simple and sophisticated. It’s an impeccable way to elevate the classic box braids with a touch of warmth and color. Here’s how:

Color Options Highlights
Light Brown Subtle Warmth
Honey Blonde Bright Contrast
Latte Soft and Natural

We recommend adding these highlights to neat, rectangular partings for a chic and detailed hairdo.

16. Cornrow Ponytail Box Braids With Zigzag Hair Rings On Top

cornrow chunky braids with zigzag hair rings
Photo: Instagram.com
Aspect Details
Style Cornrow Ponytail Box Braids
Unique Feature Zigzag Hair Rings
Bling Factor Hair Cuffs
Texture Chunky Braids with Spiderweb Partings

We incorporate unconventional cornrows into our box braids for a texture-rich look. Our secure ponytail showcases not just the braids themselves, but the addition of zigzag hair rings adds a superior bling. Hair cuffs orbit select braids, infusing the style with the perfect amount of sparkle, while seamlessly blending into the theme of beads and braided elegance.

17. Blunt Box Bob

blunt box bob with side cornrows
Photo: Instagram.com

Transforming our short hair with box braids is an ever-evolving trend. For a distinctive look, we opt for rich, dark blonde braids paired with sleek side cornrows. This combination creates a ready-to-wear style, providing versatility that complements not only short strands but also medium and jumbo braids beautifully.

18. Big Box Braids Ponytail With Micro Cornrows

big box ponytail braids with micro cornrow
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Style Tip: We incorporate a few micro cornrows among the big box braids.
  • Result: Achieving a lighter, more textured look.
  • Ponytail Appeal: Maintains fun and structure even styled as a ponytail.

19. Turban-Like Styled Box Braids

blond box braids pony bun
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Appearance: Resembles a turban, offering a chance to preview turban aesthetic.
  • Styling Ease: Simplified process compared to traditional scarves.
  • Visual Appeal: Platinum blond braids enhance exotic appeal.

20. Big Box Braids In Cornrows To The Back

chunky braids in the back
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Style Enjoyment: We ensure that you can relish your preferred braided look without needing to constantly manage it.
  • Convenience: These braids are crafted in cornrows flowing straight back, offering both aesthetic appeal and ease.
  • Practicality: With this design, the need for frequent rearrangement is eliminated, securing a comfortable experience.

21. Flower Triangle Parted Big Box Braids

triangle pentagon parted box braids
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Pattern: Triangular partitions create a floral pattern.
  • Style: Big box braids circle the crown.
  • Uniqueness: The geometry adds an eye-catching detail.
  • Accessories: No additional adornments needed.
  • Outcome: Achieves standout braids with simple yet intricate detail.

22. Sweet Ponytail Big box Braids

chunky pigtail box braids
Photo: Instagram.com

We achieve a sweet yet flirty aesthetic with ponytail big box braids. Our braiding style incorporates:

  • Cornrow foundations
  • Chunky box braids
  • Unique spiderweb partings

To enhance the charm, we weave in zigzag strings of any chosen color.

23. Micro Cornrows Gathered In Big Box Braids

micro cornrows with big box bradis
Photo: Instagram.com

We find many opting for micro braids due to their sleek look and adaptability. Though they require a significant amount of time and effort, there’s a style that merges their delicate appeal with the ease of larger plaits:

  • Time Efficiency: Combining style and convenience.
  • Style: Achieving micro braid texture with less labor.
  • Hair Health: Less tension with bigger braids while enjoying the intricacy of micro cornrows.

24. Half Pulled Back Big Box Braids

half pulled back box braids
Photo: Instagram.com

We recommend big box braids for a versatile look. For a quick style, try pulling half the braids back into a ponytail. This look not only highlights facial features but also showcases the intricacy of your braids. It’s both easy to achieve and practical for any occasion.

25. Cross And Star Parted Big Box Braids

cross parted braids
Photo: Pinterest.com

We present a distinctive box braid style, showcasing a unique parting technique that features both star and cross shapes. This pattern stands out, offering an impressive aesthetic that remains visible even when the braids are worn loose. It’s a design that effortlessly elevates the look of big box braids.