Calecim skin and hair care: stem cell messages that awaken your own potential to be beautiful and youthful

Calecim has become synonymous with scientific breakthroughs in the world of skin and hair regrowth, offering a range of products that can transform the way your body behaves. The heart of the technology is PTT-6, the patented active ingredient derived from ethically sourced stem cells, which is the cosmeceutical answer to cellular therapy for skin and hair. Calecim’s stem cell skin care and hair care products have the ability to transform your skin and hair into their best versions through cell-to-cell messaging. This is only possible with potent ‘cellular messengers’ which are the brand’s unique complex of growth factors and exosomes that are physiologically calibrated by nature to unlock your body’s repair mechanisms.

Let’s take a closer look at all of the remarkable products that can help transform your daily routine and provide real changes to your skin and hair.

Professional Serum: The Youth Serum

The Professional Serum is at the heart of Calecim’s skincare range, as it contains the highest concentration of PTT-6®. This serum is your anti-aging go-to if you are looking for real, rapid results. You can use it at home by applying it before your moisturizer. To make this product truly shine though, you can use it like many aesthetic clinics do: by combining it with a skin procedure, like microneedling, to bring out its efficacy. Microneedling opens up micro-channels for the potent formulation to absorb deeper into your skin. The Serum also amplifies your skin’s repair if there is the added ‘controlled trauma’ of the needling procedure applied before.

Your Daily Dose of Radiance with Multi-Action Cream

Consider a daily skincare treatment that not only moisturizes but also stimulates the creation of collagen and elastin. That is just what the Multi-Action Cream can do for you. It’s like a regeneration boost for your skin, increasing its natural suppleness and elasticity. This cream is an easy way to incorporate the latest science into your daily skincare routine. You can use it on its own or layer it beneath your moisturizer depending on your skin type.

A Dewy Delight with Restorative Hydration Cream

Hydration is vital for happy, healthy skin, and the Restorative Hydration Cream recognizes this. It not only moisturizes your skin deeply but also calms inflammation, giving you a radiant, instantly plumped complexion. It’s like a soothing dose for your skin, delivering relaxation and brightness in one heavenly package.

A Professional Pigment Solution for Even Skin

Calecim’s Professional Pigment Solution prevents uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation with a gentle, hydroquinone-free formulation. Hyperpigmentation is stirred up through inflammation,  and many de-pigmenting products run the risk of further aggravating the skin through harsh actives. This treatment is excellent at addressing discoloration in a gentle manner, with a special emphasis on reducing inflammation.  Wear it under your moisturizer with confidence, knowing that it is gentle and yet contains all the proven actives that help effectively reduce melanin synthesis.

Enhance your beauty sleep with Recovery Night Complex

As the day comes to an end, the Recovery Night Complex continues your skin’s restoration journey. It moisturizes, brightens, repairs, and reduces signs of aging when worn overnight. It’s similar to getting a good night’s sleep for your skin, and when you wash it off in the morning, you’ll be delighted with a flawless, revitalized complexion that’s ready to take on the day.

Calecim’s Hair Care Range: Start Your Hair Re-growth Journey

Just as your skin deserves the best, so does your hair. Calecim’s hair care range offers a transformative experience for those seeking fuller, healthier locks:

Your Hair Restoration Partner, Advanced Hair System

Look no further than Calecim’s Advanced Hair System if you’re searching for a hair restoration journey that truly works. This 6-week program is a game changer, rapidly activating hair follicles and minimizing inflammation, which is a key cause of many types of hair loss. The Advanced Hair System is a professional-grade hair restoration technology that is already incorporated in many hair specialist clinics to support hair loss treatment, but you can also apply it at home with a derma stamp that prepares your scalp for application.

With products that harness the power of science and nature, there can finally be a way to help regain youthful skin and hair. Find out more about the science of Calecim, and its proprietary active ingredient, PTT-6, and make the discovery for yourself that the future of beauty lies in truly regenerative cellular therapies.