Can We Use Kratom as Skin Care Products: A Detailed Overview

People invest a lot of time, money, and effort in finding the best ways to take good care of their skin. Recently, kratom beauty products have become a huge deal, and for a good reason. With the several benefits kratom has to offer, it is not unusual that manufacturers are producing kratom products ranging from essential oils to bath bombs. Kratom is, no doubt, expected to become a necessary part of the daily care regime for many people.

Understanding Kratom

Kratom is a specific type of evergreen herb that is found predominantly in Southeast Asia. Traditionally, locals considered kratom to be a medicinal herb. In the past few decades, kratom has hit the western market, which also includes American consumers.

The most popular form of kratom found in the market would be the raw powder form. However, you will also find kratom capsules, extracts, and beauty products in the market.

Though kratom is often associated with several health and therapeutic benefits, the FDA does not regulate its manufacture and use.

As an adult, it is your responsibility to conduct independent research with the limited studies available to decide whether kratom is the right thing for you.

The Science Behind Skincare

Though several anecdotal evidence suggests that kratom products are effective and powerful, there is still a need for more research evidence to confirm the findings. Kratom contains alkaloids that are known to interact with certain parts of the body to offer several therapeutic benefits.

However, this isn’t the case with kratom beauty products because they aren’t ingested. As the skin absorbs them, the effects would be slightly different.

Though there may not be many studies suggesting the topical benefits of kratom, there are ongoing researches that are trying to study this topic closely. Some of them indicate that kratom might have topical benefits. However, there is a need for more research to confirm the findings.

Why Use Kratom Beauty Products?

When you use kratom beauty products, you are expected to derive a synergetic blend of the compounds present in kratom. Some of the reasons that set kratom beauty products apart are mentioned below –

Better Formula – It is never a good idea to compromise on the effectiveness of a beauty product. Due to this reason, reputable manufacturers hire experienced formulator to use quality ingredients in a way that offer effective results.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your product contains the best ingredients. Quality is paramount to buying any kind of kratom product, including powders and capsules. We would personally recommend you to try out thegoldenmonk kratom capsules to consume specific doses of kratom.

Nutritious Blends – Beauty products are specifically designed to enhance the appearance of the skin. Due to this reason, most beauty products have an oil base. By using kratom products with high-quality oils are meant to keep the skin supple, soft, and healthy. Coconut, olive, and palm oils are the most popular, but you will also find products with avocado oil, castor oil, and others.

Balance Oils – It might seem counterintuitive to consider using an oil-based substance to fight acne and oily skin. The healthy oils in kratom products keep the skin nourished, while other ingredients help in balancing oil production in the skin to stop the skin pores from being clogged.

Antioxidant – Kratom is known to contain two essential compounds called Rhamnose and Catechin. Both of these compounds help in fighting oxidation, a process where oxygen tends to damage cells to result in older-looking skin.

Popular Kinds of Beauty Products

There are several kratom products available in the market. You can also come up with DIY beauty products using the right kratom supplements.

Let’s take a look at some of the common options in kratom beauty products that you will find in the market.

Essential Oils – Essential oils contain active compounds of botanicals that are highly concentrated. Many people use essential oils for aromatherapy, while some like to add them in their regular beauty products.

While using them, it is crucial to remember that they are highly concentrated. Therefore, using them undiluted can be pretty dangerous. You can also make kratom essential oils at home very easily.

Creams – Creams contain a thick emulsion of water and oil, which is often blended with botanicals and chemicals. You will find face creams infused with kratom that can offer clear and glowing skin. These creams are perfect for moisturizing dry patches and evening the skin tone.

Lotions – Similar to creams, lotions also include a combination of water and oil. However, lotions have a thinner texture as compared to creams. As lotions are more liquid-like, you can apply them all over your body to hydrate your skin.

Bath Bombs – Every individual would fancy a relaxing soak every now and then. Bath bombs offer a splendid way to relieve stress. With kratom bath bombs, you will be able to turn your bath into a miniature spa soak. These products are not only useful in alleviating stress but also offer the many benefits of kratom.

Closing Thoughts

It is evident that kratom beauty products are taking over the market. However, it is your responsibility to buy kratom products from reputable stores to ensure quality.