DIY Fashion: Tapping Creativity During the Lockdown

The fashion industry is at a halt due to the current pandemic. But people have taken this as an opportunity for self-development. However, Gen Z has led the race with up to 30% taking up completely new hobbies.

While the hobbies range from anything to everything, the most significant impact is seen in the DIY fashion space. With the economy under extreme pressure, millennials are using creativity to transform their closet.

The DIY fashion trend is going well for Gen Z as this is the generation who, according to McKinsey, prizes individuality and ethics over possession. Hence, the millennials are embracing it with open arms. If you are looking for some ideas, here are some DIY trends that can help you freshen your closet.

DIY ideas to refashion your wardrobe

We all find some old clothes in our closet that we don’t wear anymore. Why waste these fabrics? Instead, let’s put them to better use. Since we all have so much time for ourselves now, here’s how you can spend your time and get that perfect DIY fashion look.

Embed words on tees

You would have seen several tees with printed messages on them. Why not print a message or at least a word of your choice on the tees. All you need is a tee, a heat gun, and an embossing powder bottle of your color choice.

Stamp the word or a message you want on the fabric, and then sprinkle the powder on it. Next, remove the excess powder from other areas of the tee. Don’t worry, as the inked stamp will act as glue, and only the powder sprinkled at unnecessary regions will be removed.

Once you have the perfect word or message on the tee, use a heat gun over it. It will melt the powder and make it stick to the fabric. This way, you can have a tee with a message of your choice. Pick the words or messages according to the season and get a DIY classy look.

Patch designs

The Spring is upon us, and it’s time to get the denim shorts out of the closet. Give your shorts a customized look with patches of your choice. For this one, you will need denim shorts and some patches that you think would look amazing on your cutest outfits.

Plan out the patches by placing them on the shorts. While planning, take the shapes and color combination of the patches into consideration. Once you have a perfect look ready, pin those patches so that they don’t fall off and you don’t get confused.

The last thing is to take the needle and some threads of your choice. Sew up all the patches, and you will have that beautiful shorts ready for the Spring.

Tie-dye sweats

If you are bored wearing those white sweats, it’s time to make them colorful. Instead of spending $50 to $200 to purchase the dye sweats, it’s better to pay just $15 to $30 on a dye set and do it yourself. Budget-friendly, right?

Take the white sweatshirts or jackets you want, rinse them, and then dye them with as many colors as you wish. Now take those wet clothes and put them into a plastic bag. Putting the clothes in a bag will prevent any mess around the house.

Keep the dyed sweats in the bag for around six to eight hours, and then rewash them. Now hang the wet clothes to dry them, and you will be all set to put on those colorful sweats.

Scarf or top?

Have an old scarf, turn it into a summer top. You will need a scarf and a chain or chic ribbon (the choice is yours to make). Place the scarf with the wrong side up on a flat surface. Next, roll it halfway up like an accordion section.

Turn the scarf and place the chain on the center top of the scarf. After this, wrap the scarf around the chain and seal it. You can simply lock or tie it using a knot. The only thing left to do now is to wear the chain and tie the scarf’s free corners at the back. You now have a classy new top.

Bleach is not always bad

While you can tie-dye your whites, you can use bleach to design your dark tees. Pick your favorite design and use bleach to draw it carefully on the tee. Let the design dry for an hour, and then brush off the crustiness from the top layer.

Let the bleach dry once again for a couple to more hours. Finally, wash the tee, and boom! You now have your design on the outfit that you can carry proudly.

Getting new looks isn’t always costly. By using these DIY ideas, you are all set to change your wardrobe. Treat yourself with classy fashion while saving money and give yourself that perfect personalized look you want.