Evoke the Aroma of Childhood With Fragrances for Kids

The right scent, applied in the correct amount, can bring about an entire multi-sensory experience. Such is the thinking behind the growing LaBelle Perfumes segment of kids’ fragrances. What was once a high-end niche market has expanded to the mainstream thanks in part to the affordability of discount fragrances. Perfumes for children and babies are trending as many parents are happily reaching for their collection of designer fragrances to bring out the scents of childhood.

What Scents Are Popular in Kids Fragrances?

Many of the youth fragrances on the market are described with words like sweet, refreshing, and happy. In other words, they smell like you want childhood to be. Take these examples from LaBelle Perfumes’ kids’ fragrance lineup:

With citrus, chamomile, and vanilla notes, BULGARI’s Petits et Mamans fragrance for babies offers a soft and calming scent.

TOUS Baby (unisex) carries notes of mandarin orange, neroli, and bergamot with a base of petitgrain, cedar, and musk. The company’s fragrance for boys, on the other hand, is described as “Sweet like a candy apple, refreshing like grass, like drops of water”.

What’s not to love about that?

Who Is Using Kids’ Fragrances?

Kids are increasingly using perfumes and colognes designed exclusively for them. With fresh scents in catchy packaging, it is no wonder that kids flock to fragrances designed with them in mind. What may be more surprising is the number of babies who are having fragrances applied to their bodies, clothing, and nurseries.

While these fragrances are designed for children and babies and are often used that way, NewBeauty reports that many of these scents are also finding use among adults. LaBelle Perfumes did a little more digging and found that, unsurprisingly, adults are flocking to these scents to capture a sense of their childhoods.

Another reason adults might choose to use a child-safe discount fragrance is to help create a bond with their baby. One study showed that newborns had a distinct preference for their mother’s perfume smell compared to a control odor. By choosing a fragrance designed for babies, you reduce any risk associated with exposing an infant to adult perfumes.

Which Perfumes Are Safer for Children?

While adult perfumes contain high percentages of alcohol, the LaBelle Perfumes intended for kids tend to have lower amounts or be devoid of this ingredient. That makes them a much safer choice than sharing your own products if your kids want to use a scent. No matter what perfumes you choose, be sure to keep them out of reach of babies and toddlers, who might think the bottle is a toy or drink.

If you are ready to start exploring the world of kids’ fragrances, Labelle Perfumes is an excellent place to begin. With discount pricing on top-quality perfumes, you can find safe formulations of the childhood scents you want at prices that you can afford.