Exotic Fashion Sense: How to Channel a Bohemian Style

Are you someone who aspires to unique fashion styles and changing trends? Do you find beauty and meaning in art and aesthetics? And are you a big fan of styling in a minimal yet impactful way? Then this blog is definitely for you. Beauty and fashion come in all sizes and shapes, and that is what the concept of bohemian style is – differentiating from chatter on the internet. When comfort and chicness combine, we get the bohemian style which is effortless yet alluring.

So, let’s dig in further and learn more about it.

What’s a Bohemian style?

The bohemian style and design perspective emerged in the 19th century. Specifically, when artists, writers, and performers moved to the Gypsy parts of Paris because they believed creativity was more valuable than money.

Boho styles are usually associated with ethnic looking, vintage, flowery, and hippie-inspired elements. Taking inspiration from natural and raw ingredients makes the bohemian look fascinating. This fashion sense tends to be more comfortable, laid-back, and self-expressive. The most common Bohemian color palette is earthy tones, with lots of blues, greens, yellows but more of a mustard shade and oranges in burnt tones.

Let’s look into how you can channel bohemian looks, what pieces to look for and what things go well together. For a precise understanding, you can subcategorize bohemian fashion style to learn about its various vibes and chose the one that suits you the most.

Wedding Bohemian style

Indeed, it might seem odd to think of boho fashion and weddings together. But changes in style and fashion have altered our occasions too. For example, these days, you’ll come across wedding gowns with layers and layers of beautiful soft fabrics with no linings. And when you walk, the dress floats and moves with your body.

So, if you love bohemian wedding wear, you must pair it with designer wedding shoes to complete the look effortlessly. If you’re a bride-to-be and a fan of bohemian fashion, then plan your look for the wedding day to be more sophisticated yet lavishing. Play with different fabrics, textures, and multiple layering. Choose more dramatic low deep necklines, deep v-backs, and long dramatic trains.

Finally, wear jewelry that isn’t too thick and chunky but elegant with intricate and vintage details.

Western Bohemian Style

As the name implies, this look is pretty western. The clothes associated with this style are ponchos, full dresses with fewer textures and prints. You may also include a patchwork jacket or a boho coat in your bohemian clothing style.

Darker tones like navy blue, blacks, dark grey, and charcoals aren’t the colors that go with boho style. So, design your wardrobe with natural and beachy tones.

Moreover, shoes that go well with a western boho look are cowboy shoes or western-style booties. Likewise, opting for white sneakers with your floral gowns would also give a perfect retro-vintage vibe to your signature look. Plus, a natural chic rattan bag with a boho tie necklace and a cowboy or a fedora hat are some accessories you can sport.

To nail a complete western boho look, pair a caramel boot with a mustard floral dress, and add some nude lipstick. Also, wear your favorite rattan bag. You can even enhance your outfit with a cool cowboy hat, rustic faux leather-looking belt, and statement jewelry pieces.

Nomadic Bohemian Style

The Nomadic boho style is more eccentric, free-spirited, and wanderlust-type. The dress associated with this style is flowy maxi dresses with lots of layers. A short sleeve pleated floaty dress would also go well.

Shoes that can add to this specific style are strappy sandals or gladiator sandals and some adventurous boots. And finally, the accessories for finishing your nomadic look are hair scarves, as they always give a trendy vibe. Plus, a messy fishtail braid is a go-to hairstyle to carry with it.

When it comes to jewelry, pieces like a celestial star choker and rustic-looking earrings will make the look complete.

Modern Bohemian Style

This style is all about embracing modern casualness. You have to opt for short pieces like shorter-length dresses above knees as they would never go out of this boho look. Dresses like short skirts and wrap shirts can fall under the modern boho umbrella. Some other dress inspirations may be wearing a graphic tee with chic wide-leg bottom or light denim.

Along with these clothes, long boots go well with a short wrap dress and a messy bun or loose hair to make your look classy. Then pair up your statement necklace with floral earrings, and you are all set for a casual yet modern-day look.

Final words

In a nutshell, these are the most uncomplicated bohemian looks you may opt for, and your mates would not stop praising you. Almost all low-cut clothing pieces and V-necks give off adorable laid-back looks that will have you alluring everyone. Also, a quick mention, follow the “less is more” approach while you go with a bohemian style. Eventually, it all comes down to picking a style and sticking to a fashion sense you’re comfortable with, and that allows you to look your best.

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